Posted by: thebylog | February 7, 2005

Today by the Numbers

1 parking ticket paid for.

1 class.

2 meetings.

2 computers logged into.

2.25 hours spent working for pay.

8 (estimated) cuss words heard.

11.5 hours since food.

a few meaningful conversations.

Several * 5 unmeaningful conversations.

Zero meaningful conversations about God (that makes me feel empty).



  1. Only 8 bad words! Must be nice.

    I almost always hear a boatload, and occasionally (like today) they are directed at me personally.


  2. hey, I’m back!!! 🙂
    Before I forget to say at some later date, I went to Bible School with a girl who says she kinda knows some of you. Says she hangs out with your sis, By.

  3. Well who was it?


  4. I’m guessing it was someone from Harrisburg Mennonite … probably a Schrock, I can’t remember her name right now.

  5. Gina?


  6. wrong on all counts… Maybe I should make you guess a while! Actually, I don’t know about the church, you may be right. I don’t know. But she was ‘drawing maps’ on the floor at Bible school of your general area. And your church is way far away, like 20 mins, from hers. Or maybe it was her house… I don’t remember, that was over a week ago! Laurie

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