Posted by: thebylog | February 9, 2005

I have in mind two really nice students in my department. They’re both from Asia and understandably there are many issues introduced when one is thrust into the middle of a different culture – language, being away from family, etc. – that could highlight the already common tendency of college students to become like their peers.

It depends. From my observation, foreign students fall into two general categories: The ones that stay largely to themselves and fellow-foreign students and the ones that try to assimilate.

The two that I think of now are in the latter category. It might be my imagination, but I seem to detect in these two a real trend in behavior. It seems to me that they wanted to fit in so badly, to be accepted by their American peers, that they have absorbed many of the bad things that characterize many of us (American college students). It pains me, because they’re good guys, and I don’t know how they grew up but I’m guessing they didn’t grow up to be foul-mouthed partiers.

But I have to ask myself: What have I done to influence them in the other direction?



  1. By, keep asking yourself that last question for I think it will help you well in serving Christ, I will do the same.

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