Posted by: thebylog | February 14, 2005

So I continue my sleep experiement, with only 8 hours Friday night and maybe 8 Saturday night. This morning I got up early and now I feel crummy.

So maybe I do need, like, 8 hours/night. It sure is nice to go to bed fairly late and get up early.



  1. I have a friend who tells me “Why waste time sleeping?” He sleeps five or six hours a night and says that’s all that anyone needs. I say, “Sleep!” Sleeping for a decent amount every night enhances my life. It may at a glance seem a waste of time but every waking hour is twice as rich and as full if I sleep reasonably. Not to mention more profitable. So boy, go forward and sleep!


  2. What about sleeping according to sleep cycles? I’ve heard that the human body sleeps in 3-hour stages, in and out of REM sleep, or divisions of that. For instance, 20 minutes of sleep leaves you more refreshed than 2 hours. Thoughts?

  3. Sleeping is a great pastime and hobby. It’s very cheap and oh so refreshing. What more can you want? Miss

  4. I’d love to be able to sleep for 2 hours and be as refreshed as 8 hours. Tell me how to facilitate REM sleep for maximal refreshment efficiency and I’m all over that. Sleep is wonderful, that’s the good thing. The bad thing is it’s time-consuming.

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