Posted by: thebylog | February 16, 2005

An Evening With Byran

How about a little stream-of-consciousness, whaddayasay.

They say that puking makes you tired. I’m tired, and I threw up on Monday.

A few days ago, an e-mail was sent to most of 15,000 undergraduates here at OSU, advertising some student positions with a group that works to provide “support for minorities who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex or ally.” Somebody responded sarcastically and impolitely, but he didn’t know he was replying to most of the undergraduate community at OSU. So, predictably, some people fire back and say mean things, blah, blah, blah. According to an article in the student newpaper he received somewhere around 400 personal e-mail, including death threats.

You wanna touch a raw nerve? Attack evolution and expose the attack to the current scientific community. The Panda’s Thumb is a blog by evolutionists, aimed at defending the theory, particularly against attacks from Intelligent Design’ists and Creationists. Stephen Meyer, an ID advocate, finally got an article published in a refereed scientific journal, and that set the scientists on TPT to hopping. They still reference it frequently and it’s been 6 months since the article and The Panda’s Thumb rebuttal first appeared.

Things I could do now:

1) Statistics (fairly urgent, homework is undone and some is pretty hard)
2) Stochastic (less urgent, but more fun)
3) Simulation (fairly urgent, but less fun – I don’t enjoy learning software programs)

So I choose … writing on this blog! Yea.

Ok, I choose Statistics.

By the way, the reliability of mechanical pencils needs to be increased. If I was an Industrial Engineer that could choose any project in the world on which to work, that would be on my list.

I know why professors can easily get arrogant. They teach people all the time who are learning. They are constantly referring to them as the authorities on a subject, often straining to grasp concepts that the professors have long-since mastered. When people are straining to grasp something, they can often come across as stupid (as I thought about today), so it’s to the credit of any professor who comes across humbly.

So Stats isn’t going so well. Maybe because I’m not concentrating on it.

Now it’s going better.

Now I’m done with it for the night. Still quite a bit to do in it, but I’ll save it for a day (tomorrow) when I’m fresher.

Maybe a little bit in Simulation before I’m off to a basketball game.

“Heroically, sacrificially, though drained from a recent sickness, he taps into the limited reserves of physical willpower that he has and decides to take one for the team. Having already lost one player to sickness, in this their do-or-die game, they are down to five players and he decides that he will give it what he has. Will they have enough to win and stave off elimination? Stay tuned … “



  1. I’ll never forget the time my nephew barfed for the first time. (What for subject this is, but hey, I didn’t bring it up!) He was in this phase for along time that when he did something, say broke something, or caused some for mishap to occur, he would ask with the most utmost concern, “What did I DO?”. And he would ask it with wide, serious eyes and would be so alarmed. We had a family joke that whenever indeed he did vomit, it would cause great distress in his little life. Sure enough. The day came. I was gone and my sister called me just to tell me that he barfed (hey, this is a milestone…). She said as soon as it happened, his eyes widened in the predicted fashion and he voice raised and he asked, “What did I DO?”

    Okay, so it was actually funny. That’s the thing with kids. Most of the things they say are only funny if you hear them say it. But you could laugh just to make me feel good. 🙂

    There is a family that travels with the M.A.’s. They have two children, twins, five years old. Their mother said tonight in cho. practice that her daughter was walking around the house singing the song Ready To Go. This is what she sang, “Ready to go, and it’s a comfort to know, that my house is falling over, I’m packed and ready to go.”

    I love the way these little people think!

  2. So…….did you guys win the game?


  3. We lost. Got behind, came back, but couldn’t quite come back all the way.

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