Posted by: thebylog | February 19, 2005

I’m In at Penn State

I’m happy about it too!

The first of the grad schools respond, and it looks like I have a sweet offer from PSU. They’ll pay for me to visit there to, I’m pumped about that.

It’s a relief, actually, to be contacted and accepted from one of the schools I applied to.

Still waiting on the other ones. It will be interesting to see it all play out. How exciting!



  1. Dude I’m happy for you! Or as we say down here in the South,”I’m proud fer ya!”

  2. I would give you 2 e-props if you had a xanga.:) CONGRATS! That is great, I’m very proud. It’s an accomplishment not very many are disciplined enough to acheive.

  3. Congrats!


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