Posted by: thebylog | February 27, 2005


Home from the concert.

Folks, they essentially sing perfect music. And whenever they end anything – a phrase or a song – they just lock it up so beautifully. Their phrasing is so light, yet their voices are never anything short of substantial. They’re mic’ed like a choir – it’s hard to tell how much they are amplified – but the sounds they make just filled the church.

I’ve written songs and when you write (or when a composer composes) you have in your mind what it’s “supposed” to be like or sound like. In that way, Chanticleer has to be any composer’s dream. The purity with which they sing is remarkable. In listening to them, you just feel as if that has to be the way it’s supposed to sound.

They did a Mass tonight. Tomorrow they’re singing at a college and will give a more traditional program (heavier works in the first part, loosen up a little with spirituals and folk songs in the second), which is unfortunate because I prefer the latter. The Mass was impeccably done, of course, but it’s a lot of the same kind of music.

For completeness, two things: 1) I was really tired, and in the midst of it I nodded off slightly a few times; 2) I thought I heard the counter tenors come in just the smallest amount under a few of their high roots (David heard some of the same thing).

At any rate, a well-worthwhile endeavor that netted me a CD that from the sound of it is going to be fabulous.



  1. Which CD?

    They’re tenors, we expect them to flat a few!

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