Posted by: thebylog | March 3, 2005

Social Ineptitude

Oh my goodness, I could almost have written this. I don’t know who this blogger is (besides what I gleaned from scanning his description), but socially I think I’m almost in the exact same place as this dude. Sometimes I amaze myself at my utter social ineptness.

But like he says, it’s only in certain situations. For me, this often involves girls, small talk or some combination of the two.

Those moments are humorous to think about but painful to live through.



  1. Oh my, that whole thing is so very much like me, especially the part about mixing two words inadvertently. Those are painful moments indeed.


  2. All I can say is if you feel socially inept then you pretend really really well and have us all fooled because I always think you are THE most socially ept young guy around. I mean, folks, you should see/hear Byran up front at church on Sunday morning. Maybe being Sunday school superintendent is less difficult than talking to some nervous girl who thinks she’s ten pounds overweight and has acne. Relax, Byran. Believe me, those girls walk away from the conversations thinking AAARRRGGGHHH why did I SAY that? He must think I’m the worst BLONDE in the WORLD!!!
    your proud Aunt Dorcas

  3. Yes, Byran, your aunt is right. Anyone who can do what you do up front in church, and in other settings too, is not socially inept! You are probably the last person I would think of as being that way.


  4. so, “proud aunt dorcas”, suppose next Sunday in church your nephew gets up and stutters and stammers and is unable to communicate well. are you still the “proud aunt dorcas”? i think we too often are “proud” of someone who can do great things instead of being proud simply because they belong to us. that puts alot of pressure on the people who are not as gifted, because they think to be gifted and talented in different areas of life, is where acceptance comes. everybody wants somebody to be proud of them. so don’t be proud of the wrong things, the things that are a gift and not something we can help. because in doing so, you give an unfair picture of acceptace to those lesser talented.

  5. To anonymous:
    I’m proud of all my nephews just because they’re my nephews. And if they do well at something, they ought to hear about it from me.
    Dorcas, proud aunt of 22 nephews

  6. We all have our strengths and weaknesses socially, I suppose. I just don’t have a quick and ready wit on the spot, when I’m uncomfortable. Relaxing, yes, good advice. Thanks for the encouragement, Aunt Dorcas.

    I see your point, though, anon. But isn’t everybody gifted at something?

  7. yeah everybody is gifted at something. but some people are gifted above and beyond what the average person is and then everybody else seems to “worship” them and overlook other gifted people. i just think it’s unfair. because there are people that are in need of encouragement and support that are pushed back because everybody is too busy kissing mr. talented’s feet.

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