Posted by: thebylog | March 11, 2005

On Wednesday evening, my senior project group took time out of our hectic end-of-term schedule to go to a Portland-area company’s facility to present our project to the Senior chapter of the Industrial Engineering professional society.

We got to ride with one of our professor’s up there, a Christian man. It was interesting and insightful to interact with him outside of the classroom and academic environment.

Among the things discussed …

Students aren’t the only ones insanely busy with school. In fact, as an Assistant Professor he stayed up until midnight or 1 grading papers before. He was single when he was doing that, he said he felt sorry for married Assistant Professors.

Among the topics that related to my potential future endeavors, he said he regretted a bit going straight from grad school to academia. If he had, though, he said he likely would never have come back to the university because he’s the sort that tends to set and maintain a steady course in a single direction.

We talked about how he deals with his Christianity in the academic sphere. It bothers me – I’m not sure if it bothers him – that he has to compartmentalize his life into the sacred and secular (or at least close to it) because of a written and/or unwritten rule forbidding him to talk of his faith unless it is expressly brought up by a student. I don’t like that. I’m not sure how I would deal with it. It makes me furrow my brow.

He also said there aren’t many pure O.R. jobs out there. Bummer. But I think there may be more than he thinks.



  1. It’s the same thing in some other fields, like nursing I think.

  2. What’s the same?

  3. Not being able to initiate spiritual conversations

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