Posted by: thebylog | March 16, 2005

I can breathe, er, blog again now. I have only a single final yet to complete.

I was struck again, in my Math Statistics final today, how fine the line is between turning in a good test and turning in one that’s substantially worse.


It’s so relaxing – if a little boring – to sit here and clean up hundreds of e-mails in my OSU account. Just numbly manipulate files and remember things they remind me of. This is the kind of thing one does when he is nigh to graduation! A little bit later (maybe tomorrow), I’ll clean out my locker!

At any rate, there have been quite a few times where I’m maybe 15 minutes away from turning in a real average-type paper, but in the last few minutes I get a rush of something (ingenuity, adrenalin, desperation … ?) and solve a problem or two that have been giving me trouble.


Whew, I did it! I successfully swept about, maybe, 300 e-mails under the virtual rug (i.e. sent them to folders so they I don’t see them in my inbox anymore).

As I was saying, there is only a small difference between a good test and an average test sometimes.



  1. 300 Emails!!It’s hard to be FAMOUS!!

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