Posted by: thebylog | March 20, 2005

I Am Barabbas

We don’t know what went on in this criminal’s mind when he was released at Jesus’ expense.

We don’t know how he felt when he was given his freedom.

We don’t know if he realized Who was dying in his place.

Did he grasp what was happening? An innocent man, a violent criminal. He was going free, while the meek, quiet Nazarene was given over to be tortured and killed. Things were sordidly, tragically twisted, and unbelievably he came out of it with his life intact.

But I know, too, that just as the evil Barabbas was justly sentenced to death, I deserved the same fate. As heinous as Barabbas’ sins were against God and humanity, my sins were just as awful.

I am Barabbas. I deserved no mercy, but by the amazing plan of God, I have been set free.



  1. How often we tend to think that we have everything coming to us!That God who give his only Son owes us everything.
    Your musing is very thought provoking!Thanks By.S.M.

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