Posted by: thebylog | March 24, 2005

Grad School Update

I’m in a hotel room in State College, the night before the Penn State Statistics Department’s Alumni Workshop. I was standing in line in Cincinnatti waiting to get on my plane and a man comes up to me and asks what brings me to State College. I said I’m coming to visit Penn State as a potential student. He asked what department. I said Statistics. He said “I knew it…!” It was the Statistics department head at the university. He and three other professors were returning from a conference in Texas. So I got to ride on a plane with them.

The University of Chicago accepted me to their Master’s program, but only with 25% tuition remission, which is not nearly enough, considering the cost of an education there and my financial situation.

I didn’t get accepted at Berkeley at all.

I haven’t heard from MIT or Purdue yet.

But right now I’m here to enjoy and check out the so-far-super-impressive Penn State program.



  1. I think I know some people in State College. A Burkholder family. And are Michael Petersheims there too….??


  2. How did he knew it was you? Do you just exude stats?

  3. Coming to Lancaster, Byran?


  4. Crystal, a church?

    Tom, I think I more exuded “student”. Young man, backpack, him thinking about prospective students coming.

    Karen, no I wasn’t able to. How far away was I?

  5. I know they’ve got a church somewhere, but I’m not sure what or where. It’s something that could be found out, though.


  6. I don’t know exactly where you were, but I would guess 1 1/2 to 2 hours away.


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