Posted by: thebylog | March 25, 2005

Things I’ve Learned at Penn State

Never don’t expect snow in the east.

The Statistics department head at Penn State is a Mennonite. Interestingly, a Brethren in Christ man came to the department, and upon visiting the department head’s Mennonite church, decided it was too liberal. He started going to a more conservative church out in the country, married the preacher’s daughter, got a Ph.D., took at academic position at Virginia Tech, but at some point quit his promising career in favor of starting a church in the northeast.

Penn State is huge, and I thought Oregon State was a big public college.

The Stats department seems quite tight-knit.

The Rao in the Rao-Blackwell Theorem is professor emeritus at Penn State, which is pretty cool because I studied that theorem last quarter. For the record, it was a pain (though less painful than the link shows), but apparently very useful in theoretical stat. I haven’t met him.

The faculty is incredibly nice here.

You know how sometimes you meet someone and realize they’re just at a different level, at a different place on the intelligence spectrum? I made one of those connections this weekend. It’s hard to describe, but he just walked in front of me. There are probably others around here with similar intellects, but it’s his Jewish, elderly, mathematician persona that makes my perception of his knowledge seem almost of another world.



  1. The #1 thing to remember By,is that in the east you might have snow in the middle of April!!If you aren’t a snow day lover…I Hate It for ya!
    When I moved back to the north I thought Winter had come to stay forever!Than June came and I was relieved to find out that summer does Finally come!!S.M.

  2. But then in June it’ll be 98 with 98% humidity!

  3. I’d rather sweat that,then Freeze!!
    Unless of course your talkin’ about going Snow Ski-ing!:)Selah(S.M)

  4. You might be interested in knowing it’s snowing here now….

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