Posted by: thebylog | April 4, 2005

I’m Going

This is the last week I will spend at home for awhile, certainly the last one in which things will be like they have been for basically my whole life.

I’ll leave and things will change and I won’t know it until I come back. But then things will be different. Things will never again be like they are right now. If that sounds obvious, it is, but all obvious things are not necessarily trivial. But change is how life goes and that’s why we must make the present – wherever we are – special and not live on the fumes of the past.

My church prayed for me Sunday morning, which was very meaningful.

I get the feeling that people generally support/accept what I’m doing, but I do feel some underlying concern and hesitancy – maybe it’s just that they don’t fully understand what and why I’m doing what I’m doing. If you don’t fully understand what and why I’m doing what I’m doing, first go here (the Monday, April 4 entry), and if you want more, go read Bob Briner’s Roaring Lambs, Nancy Pearcey’s Total Truth, and Francis Schaeffer. This will give you an idea, though it doesn’t fully capture my heart/vision/dreams.



  1. Wishing you all God’s best, Byran. Maybe I’ll stop in and chat with you in the next couple of weeks.


  2. “I’m Going” — bittersweet.
    …and things will never be quite the same again….

    Have you attempted yet to capture and verbalize your vision?

    Waiting in the stands,

  3. Karen, I’d like that. Are you that close to SMBI?

  4. Beware of your friends and the subtle effect they can have on a person.
    I’m waiting in the stands with Merry on what she said!!
    You can do it!!Selah

  5. I live less than two hours away – been there many times this year since my sis has been there for four terms.


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