Posted by: thebylog | April 17, 2005

There should be a special handbook at SMBI, handed out to new students, that includes all the things you need to know to be truly successful here. It should include things like:

-The official SMBI Rook rules (Rook mid or Rook high? Open kitty or closed? Called or set partners? etc.)
-Where guys and girls can and can’t go during “dorm time”. There are a set of double doors that divide the male and female spheres. Guys have all the classrooms, the gym, the kitchen, and the dining room. Girls have the library and the chapel.
-The definition of “dorm time” (that time of the evening between free time and lights out).
-How to congregate for breakfast, lunch, and supper.
-How to answer/talk on/make a call on the complex telephone system.
-The words and music to the “Thank You” song sung for cooks.
-What “lights out” really means. It doesn’t mean that all lights have to be out, just the main ones. You can have a bedside lamp and read to your heart’s content as long as it doesn’t bother your dormie.
-The definition of “dorm daddy.”

Despite having to assimilate these and probably many other things I overlook at the moment, I have survived – yea very much enjoyed – the first week.



  1. Why don’t you write it bud?

  2. You’ll learn the Thank You song in plenty of time, trust me. They sing it all the time, at least once a weekend.

    The Baritone

  3. Yeah, you write the book and your mark will forever be left on SMBI.


  4. Welcome to the real world, buddy. Miss

  5. Hey! This is a great Idea! I never found out about “Open Dorm” on weekends until the 5th week…. Joel Bontrager and I ran in when no one was looking and slipped chocolate mints on all the pillows… Joel assured me we wouldn’t get in “to much” trouble if we got caught…. Mabey I was a little gullible.. But we made it out all right. :O

    From Idaho

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