Posted by: thebylog | April 18, 2005


I am, naturally it seems, an unfeeling hermit who would just as soon be by myself and deal strictly in cold, hard facts than to deeply relate and open my heart up to the turmoil of emotion.

Feeling has come up here at SMBI, both in my life and in the expressions of others. One guy said it well – from a truly male perspective – when he wished for a formula that would produce feelings. Like:

“INPUT PARAMETERS a, b, and c into special “emotion formula” –> OUTPUT tears and other intense emotions”

If only there was a series of steps so that we could feel God passionately.

Yeah, but then where is the seeking and the struggle that results in the beauty of feeling alive.

I told ’em I want to feel (and I do, more than I have for awhile), then in class it comes up and I’m defending knowing like that’s the ultimate.



  1. Byran, you’re a Smucker guy, it ain’t gonna be easy. But go on the journey anyway. No one expects you to become your mother, just learn to identify the basics–fear, anger, happiness etc.

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