Posted by: thebylog | April 19, 2005

This, a day of conflicting emotions.

A day in which a girl left the school. A day that involved a choir practice that felt anything but smooth (not my most glorious set of moments for sure).

But also a day which held thoughts and concepts that resonated deeply with me. In chapel, hearing about not separating out our sacred and secular “calls”, and continuing that train of thought in class (“…we need Christian doctors, lawyers, industrial engineers, …”). I loved to hear it from the mouths of others because it shows me that there are others that I come in contact with that have a similar vision to mine, or at least think similarly.

Ah, my vision. I need to work on getting it down on virtual paper.



  1. so is SMBI all you thought it would be?

  2. Hey, I just wanted to say I enjoy your site — the posts are insightful and well-written. Its funny to hear about SMBI from a newby’s perspective. I was there for a few terms two years ago. It can be a life-changing experience!
    Keep up the great posts.

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