Posted by: thebylog | April 22, 2005

I Know Why!

Ok, so I’m generally not an excessively crazy person. I have my moments of silliness, but I tend to be even-keeled and relatively unexcitable.

So what is it about Bible School that wears a person down to the point that probably no matter their level of craziness at home, they are that and quite a bit more by the time they’re done? Except for my cousin MS, if he gets any crazier at Bible School they’ll throw him out for sure!

I think it’s a product of insecurity and the desire most people have to be accepted by their peers. People go to Bible School, meet all these fun people, and want to be ‘in’ with them. They don’t want to feel boring and out of it socially. So they go a little crazy, do stupid stuff, dance and sing “MAH (mah) – KING (king) – BIRD (yeah), Mah-king-bird, say ev’ry-body have you heard, YEAH” to a video late one evening with their red-headed brothers.

I don’t think it’s all bad, because it’s another side of most any person that can be positively explored to some extent at least. But really, there’s no substitute for yourself, no matter what you are like.

I was reminded of this when I mentioned something about a party and someone said that didn’t “sound like” me. I fought feelings such as I described above for a little.



  1. I remember you getting crazy several years ago at BMA. But me and Kon didn’t! We were normal the whole time.

    Maybe I should say we didn’t get any craziER.

  2. All that you’ve been saying about SMBI makes me want to go there even more!

  3. Byran, I hope you are experiencing and learning much there at SMBI. Your reports indicate as much.

    I would like for you to say “HI” to Ag/Anita for me when you can. I miss her input on the blogs!

    Also say “HI” to Tony, Ginger and Sharon (all Good children)and let them know we think of them often.

    We pray for all of you at SMBI.

  4. You think I’d get kicked out, huh? We’ll see; I’m going there next winter.

  5. Second anonymous post: Who are you? I just submitted my application for 4th & 5th term.

  6. hans:
    name’s Matt, you’ve read plenty about me already in Life In The Shoe. Guess I should have clarified things a bit, I’m actually going to BMA and not SMBI.

  7. Ah.. it’s SMBI for me…

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