Posted by: thebylog | April 25, 2005

Analysis and Information

It looks as if the San Francisco 49’ers were pretty impressed with the Oregon Ducks because the only two Ducks that were chosen in the NFL draft were by that same team.

To me, being a Joey Harrington fan, and just glancing through the draft list, it looked like the Lions had a strong showing, but I’m biased because their first two picks were Pac-10 guys, which looks good to me, but who knows. And they got Swanny from the Beavs.

Razor-sharp sporting insight for you west-coast types, eh?

What else?

Tonight’s probably the first hard-core study evening of the term. People have stuff due and they’re not playing much volleyball. This includes myself, because I had some stuff catch up with me.

Let’s see. A girl got some roses from her fiancee. Another girl got some shoes sent to her. Every school-day there are two “special” people, and today was my “special day.” So I got notes and candy and a root beer float and wore a little tag that said “special person” on it.

Sylvia something-or-other, from Romania, came to speak to us this morning. She wrote a book called “God Knows My Size” and has an inspirational testimony of God revealing Himself to her by sending her, as a girl, some things she specifically asked for.

Another thing for the SMBI handbook: Unless you’re a dean, don’t answer the phone unless it has already rung five times. I’ve only been able to answer maybe two or three so far.

My teacher Cliff recently married long-time women’s dean Melody. They are in love. But one day, CS was filling in a diagram to make some points in Christian Morality class, and for each of 12 categories, he wanted an ‘-ology’-type word. Philosophy, theology, axiology, ontology, etc. But there was one category for which he could not come up with a term. The category was “Beauty”, and he said the only term he could think of was something like “Melodology.” Ha ha.



  1. The category was “Beauty”, and he said the only term he could think of was something like “Melodology.”

    I think that’s great! This poor world desperately needs to see “lovely” marriages, and so do young people. I’ve learned a lot from people/couples that made mistakes, but I’ve learned a lot more from beautiful marriages and Godly examples.

  2. Sylvia??!! I am a bit envious of you getting to have the opportunity to hear her speak/meet her. I love the country of Romania, and it was her book that had a part in leading me to visit it for a short time.
    By the way, having many friends who have attended (or are attending) SMBI, I greatly enjoy reading more about it since I don’t know much.
    – A faithful reader, but one who rarely posts –
    ~Lolly Jane.

  3. DOn’t overlook the Bengals, who got two outstanding players from Georgia (David Pollack and Odell Thurman). I don’t care what the analysts say, these guys are beasts on the field. I would hate to be a QB if I knew Pollack was on the other side of the line. Or an RB with Thurman over there. Two scary men. Oh yeah, Pollack wants to go to seminary tobe a minister of the gospel too.

    What a man.

  4. I can just see Cliff doing that!

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