Posted by: thebylog | April 25, 2005


Back in the day, in a post on the 15th of April, I used the word “contempt” in the context of a Christian feeling this toward another person.

The word’s connotation is too strong, I shouldn’t have used it. In a way it’s semantics, because probably when I used the word I meant “a strong dislike” or “a strong dislike for what a person does.” However, words mean things, and it came across more strongly than was appropriate.




  1. Byran, Yeah, I know a word can come across differently than we think it sounds. I gave you the benefit of the doubt, but partly for other people’s and truth’s sake I wanted to point that word out. Though I also think a ‘strong dislike’ is coming close to the same thing.
    Can you change that dislike by your own choice? or what do we do with it anyway?

  2. Peacefull Lady..hmmm… I think you need to give it a break..Byron said that he was sorry for using the wrong word, and he is now trying to explain what he was trying to say… What he is trying to say is not wrong… maybe you would put it in different words, but then again we dont all run by the same brain… so sometimes our choices of words might be different, but the meaning is still the same..
    Know this, If there is anyone that reaches out with love to people its Byron.

  3. One more thing Peacefullady, A strong dislike for something a person does… is not wrong… where does hating the sin, but loving the sinner come in?

  4. sorry if it came across that way, that wasn’t my attitude.. it’s just something I deal with too and i just wanted to talk about it

  5. I don’t have any answers to the questions, peacefullady, (I wonder the same things) but I did understand what you were saying and appreciated your spirit.
    Another Anonymous 🙂

  6. peacefullady, I need to apologize too, for coming on to strong..I guess its hard on the computer to feel where another person is coming from…with out the tone of the voice and the facial expressions.. ~The first Anonymous{:

  7. Apology accepted, thank you.

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