Posted by: thebylog | April 28, 2005

There will be many, many visitors here this weekend, which will be exciting. More guys, so more (and better) basketball. But no offense to the girls who played with us tonight. It was fun, definitely more exercise than volleyball.

And this weekend, the student body is visiting various churches. I wanted to go to a Catholic one, but that wasn’t on the list and the administrator wouldn’t let me. I’m going to a Brethren Church.

Oh, and one more thing. If anyone has any ideas as to the root of an “oversensitive conscience,” I’d love to hear your ideas.



  1. By, if you get tired of me, just drop a comment about strangers posting too much or something!

    I have a couple ideas, mostly resulting from personal experience.

    -A misunderstanding of the loving willingness of God to forgive failure
    -A rough homelife/relationship with parents, like threats and anger for violations
    -General feelings of insecurity, worthlessness, self-consciousness

    P.S. I might not be a stranger for long, Byran-it looks like I’m a part of Tapestry this year. Looking forward to meeting you then.

  2. I don’t disagree with Dave, but I think that some folks among us are born with a more sensitive conscience (by nature of temperament and not necessarily negative life issues)than others of us. This can easily lead to an oversensitive conscience…which is what, exactly? I do not have an oversensitive conscience. In fact, my temperament and the logical style of thinking that existed in my family has made me wonder at times if I have a sensitive enough of a conscience.


  3. Hi Byron. This is your cousin Tammy stopping by to see how you’re doing.
    Just in case you cant place me I’m Robin Danners sister. I’ve blogged for almost two years now.
    Just wanted to let you know I dropped by.

  4. An oversensitive conscience…hmmm. For me it was a lack of grace in my authorities, an abundance of condemnation, not being allowed to make mistakes, and some very misguided teaching on salvation. It was transforming for me to find out that I could never be good enough to keep myself saved but God actually wanted me in Heaven anyway so the Holy Spirit had made it his project to get me there. I wasn’t on my own anymore, desperately trying to be good enough. So liberating.

  5. Sometimes an oversensitive conscience can be used for a great work by God. Martin Luther had an oversensitive conscience about his sins, it was what brought him to the realization of justification by faith when studying Romans, and this was the beginning of the Reformation.

    In some people it usually ends up being just a morbid and purposeless cycle of repentance if it is not checked with a proper understanding of forgiveness in Christ.

    As to the root cause, it might depend on the emotional make-up a person is born with coupled with an enviroment that the person grew up in, such as, training, style of chastisement, or whether guilt was used to control behavior, etc., that may lead to the development of an oversensitive conscience.

  6. I meant to ask you why you wanted to attend a Catholic church?

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