Posted by: thebylog | May 14, 2005

Saturday with the Choir

The choir started the day off singing in a market that reminded me of the big ol’ market I went to in Mexico, housed in a large building with just shop after food shop after craft shop after produce shop. This was cleaner and nicer than the one in Mexico, probably with food that was more appealing to me as well (there was a doughnut shop – oh my goodness – but I didn’t buy a thing). But in the middle of the building is a piano played often by an older lady. She agreed to let us sing there and we did, we sang into the air and tried to be heard. No musical subtleties here, just sing to be heard. Not the place to work the kinks out on the hard-to-tune songs, if you know what I mean.

Then tonight we sang at a church that made me feel like a rock star when we entered. They clapped and cheered and yelled. And when we sang the spiritual “I Know I’ve Been Changed” they started clapping which was cool except they sort of take over the rhythm and it makes it hard to both direct and sing. Choral, a cappella music was not made to be clapped to. It was a great church to sing in though, both because of the people and because of the acoustics. And I thought we did a nice job with the songs.

But by far the most upbeat exciting news of the night was my parents surprising me. All the sudden my mom rushes past me while I’m standing outside the church, and I realize that it’s her. Oh my goodness, I couldn’t believe they were here. They’re going to stay until Monday, so they’ll be able to take in our programs and see SMBI and meet my friends and it’s going to be great.

The downbeat news is that we’re still having health issues, specifically with one girl who has had recurring problems that remain unidentifiable. She came out of it, but for awhile her breathing was crazy labored and it was not a good situation.


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