Posted by: thebylog | May 14, 2005

The City

I’m sitting on the doorstep of Tidings of Peace Mennonite Church in inner city York, PA. Group of children walk in front of us. A bigger guy, maybe 10 or 11 starts sort of roughing up a girl, maybe 9 or 10. It looks like that to me, but they rough house a lot. I tell him to watch it, not to hurt her. So they talk to us a little bit. I give one of the girls the book I had in my hand and she starts to make off with it. But the older guy gets it back for me, which is a good thing because it’s not my book. The girl asks us a crude question, makes a lewd gesture, the guy takes another of the younger guys up against a car, just standard stuff for them I gather. I ask one of the girls how old she is, and she said something like “I’ll mind my business if you mind yours.” They were nice enough children, pretty typical probably, but it doesn’t seem like they’re headed in a good direction in life.

Sex is quite prevalent in their talk and humor, even at their tender ages. This struck me. There’s not much innocence in the inner city.



  1. Wow you got your book back!!! I allowed an 9-12 year old girl look at my cell when I was taking some children home from summer bible school and she took off with it and I never saw it again. (It was about right across from the Tidings of Peace School.)

  2. by the way my name is Chad Weaver (

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