Posted by: thebylog | May 19, 2005

I Feel Rotten

I just want to express that I feel BAD RIGHT NOW!


Ok, so we’re throwing together a recording for the choir members and staff and different people who are interested. We have a little recording equipment, a little computer program, a little time to record. Basically a “live recording” type thing, you know?

So the first time we record, we’re not careful enough with levels and we get some distortion as well as a few other miscellaneous problems on some of the songs. So I schedule another session today, and we breeze through it, the levels are all good and the choir performs well. Only to find out a little later that one of the microphones, the one that was pointed toward the bass no less (who are badly outnumbered), was turned off.

I just feel bad, stupid, dumb, rotten.

But whatever. In two weeks it won’t phase me. Dude, in two days it may well not matter to me. But right now it’s ruining my day.

Maybe since I’ve unloaded here, my day can be salvaged.

It’s sort of like doing poorly on a test in that I have a hard time thinking that it’s in God’s plan, when it’s a human fault. But I guess he takes human error into account in his sovereignty. So I say: It happened, it can’t be recalled, and it most likely happened for a reason.




  1. Hey By, everybody makes stupid mistakes somewhere in life! I know what it feels like. There’s not a lot you can do but wait. Hopefully you can take some comfort that nobody’s mad at you?!

  2. About 19 years ago the whole Wilton Smucker clan gathered to bid us goodbye before we left for Canada. After dinner I set up a tripod, arranged everyone under the walnut tree, (Vow: never again) pushed the self-timer, zipped over beside Paul, and took family pictures.
    The next week, when there was no more chance of redoing those pictures, I discovered I never had film in the camera.
    Your dad still gives me a hard time about this.

  3. Come now Byran! I thought it was kinda funny! Oh the irony!


  4. Hey Byron! I know how you feel. I video taped by best friend’s wedding and after I got back I found I had not hooked up the audio cable! As you can imagine, I was REALLY upset! I know just how you feel!

    Jacob Bushnell

  5. Thanks for the stories, folks, they actually do make me feel better. It was still disappointing, even if you take out the embarrassment aspect.

    Anita, it is sort of funny, now that you mention it. But it wasn’t then! Still isn’t, really. But the stupid rotten feeling is definitely gone.

  6. Glad the stupid rotten feeling is gone. it may take a while to get over the disappointment.
    Another story: Even worse for me than the film episode was once upon a time when I got an interesting email and without thinking forwarded it to a missionary in a closed country and was informed in no uncertain terms that I may have put people’s lives in danger.
    Somehow, you have to believe that God is sovereign, even over our sheer stupidity.

  7. Another fascinating aspect is how God uses our sheet stupidity to orchestrate events in our lives and guide us to places that we wouldn’t be or go otherwise. I just had that happen to me. There is such beauty in that!

    There is also the side when WE just blow it and it FEELS like no good could ever come of it. I’m not so good at handling this part! I’ve done things, I’ve said things, I’ve lived with regret! I guess it all comes down to trust. We need to trust God for the future, we need to trust God right now, but we also need to trust God with out past! I’m learning that, slowly and it’s difficult!


  8. Yeah, and “sheet” stupidity is a new term I just invented that has a very significant depth of meaning to it. I’ll let you know when I find a definition worthy of the word.

    Yea for proofreading
    Nay for typos


  9. Jake: Was that Marcus’ wedding?

  10. Uh, I’ll plead the fith on that! 😉


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