Posted by: thebylog | June 9, 2005

“He who laughs first, cries last.”
-Randy Smucker

Think about it – it’s actually pretty profound.

I had so much fun yesterday with my family. We played mini-golf (on a really great course), basketball, and Settlers of Catan at night.

With the time change I was up for over 23 hours yesterday. But it was well worth it.



  1. Hey,Byran.I’m glad you’re having a good time with your family. Hope you can get some rest before you come back to the “jungle” of Waynesboro “where the wild things are”.:) But seriously, things are getting a little too interesting with Calvin right now. I think Thomas is going to call and give you an update. Please pray.

  2. Don’t you just feel on top of the world when you don’t get enough sleep, then the top falls in. Helps me remember that I’m still human, I guess. Jewel

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