Posted by: thebylog | June 17, 2005

Orienting My Current Life

In a conventionally oriented life, it seems like a sense of accomplishment is derived through working for a substantial portion of the day. This work often takes place in the morning and afternoon. The life that I am currently leading is not a conventionally oriented life. And further, it’s not even one in which there are concrete guidelines upon which to judge my progress or that reflect whether I’m slacking or not. And further, the nature of this work requires that many things be done in the afternoon and evening. Thus, the traditional model of work-in-the-day, play-in-the-night doesn’t hold. If there is personal time to be had, it’ll either be in the morning, the middle of the day or late at night after the evening’s activities.

Granted, when I go on about breaking down the barrier between sacred and secular life, that comes into play here because the “ministry” stuff that I’m involved in doesn’t have to be in a separate category all the time with “fun” stuff. But “personal” time is different, and by definition it almost has to be disassociated with the mainstream of my life.

The challenge for me is to reorient myself, to take time to read and relax and catch up on e-mail (oh, and write my graduation present “Thank You” cards, mom) even though to accomplish those things I’ll have to do them at times when it feels to me that I’m being a slacker (i.e. sleeping until 8:00 and practicing choir music for an hour or two before I “do” anything of substance in the day).


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