Posted by: thebylog | June 23, 2005

Driving Temperature

For all you medical types, isn’t it true that when someone relaxes and prepares to sleep, they are more sensitive to cool temperatures?

So I’m in the driver’s seat early in the morning trying not to fall asleep, and the comfortable temperature for me is making my buddy in the other seat fold up his arms to try to capture as much of his escaping body heat as possible.

He wants it warmer than I feel comfortable with; I want it cooler than he’s comfortable with (reminds one of this post, except we’re not quite so familiar – or should that be immature – with one another). The two girls in the backseat, they’re sleeping, so we don’t know what they want. Except, one wakes up and says she’s more warm than comfortable.

So that gives me license to make it cooler, even if buddy’s a little on the cool side.

However, we survived the overnight, 10+ hour, Virginia-to-Indiana trip.



  1. When you sleep your metabolism slows down (you don’t burn as many calories). Burning calories (calories are actually a measure of heat, not “fat”) produces heat. Your body produces less heat when you sleep. Thus you aren’t “more sensitive” to cold, you’re just colder cuz you don’t have as much body heat being produced.

  2. I’m glad you all made it out there okay. Poor Norrell.Hope he doesn’t catch a cold. 🙂

  3. That’s interesting that you mentioned that. We were talking about that very thing last night at work.

  4. Don’t feel to bad–when Wayne I go just about anywhere in a vehicle we have an issue w/ the temp–I have learned in order to keep peace in the vehicle I usually carry a blanket if we are going very far–in the winter he keeps the heat to low and in the summer its either the air on or windows open–we’ve learned how to get along quite nicely in 14 some yrs–but the strange looks I’ve gotten in the summer covered w/ my blanket!!LOL 🙂

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