Posted by: thebylog | June 30, 2005


I am most certainly not used to eastern thunderstorms. When one of these bad boys blows on in, it’s like someone opened a giant door upon which a large bucket of water had been propped. The joke’s on me.

I can hardly believe how hard it comes down.



  1. *Laughing* By, eastern thunderstorms are wonderful (subjective opinion here)! I love sitting out on the porch, feeling the fresh breezes they bring with them, and watching in awe as they roll in across the sky.


  2. Byran–I must say that is one thing that I miss about the midwest–I loved a good thunderstorm–when we first moved to Missouri my kiddos were terrified–imagine my surprise the other day when one of them commented that they’d like to hear a good ol’ thunderstorm again!! Do enjoy one for me!!:)

  3. I second that, Delia, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a good thunderstorm.

    Now if we’d just have a whole bunch of them and get us out of this dry spell….

  4. I agree, that would be nice, Darin. But there’s one down side to that. Poor By may decide to leave the east coast and never return again!

    Oh, but wait a minute. He’s going to Penn State, so he’ll be stuck here for awhile *grin*.


  5. Yay for thunderstorms; nay for humidity!!! (gasp, gasp)

    Like I’ve said before elsewhere — I detest being hot and bothered!


  6. Aren’t we getting a tad obvious??? Ahem!!!

  7. Ahem!!!! Whatever do you mean? šŸ™‚


  8. Ahem, Don’t give me the “whatever do you mean” thing….!:}

  9. AHEM!! Please tell me I’m not reading this……..


  10. Reading WHAT, Ag?


  11. Delia, you mean you have no idea how you are coming across?I don’t believe it for a minute..Wake up and smell the coffee!!!

  12. OK, I must be dense.

    Why is everyone else trying to read between the lines?

    Naomi was, like, “Go read these comments and see if you can figure out what’s going on….giggle, giggle!”

    I mean…please!

  13. I smell the coffee you are talking about (I believe) *sigh*, and it’s not what you are thinking. Byran has no idea (I hope) of who I am. I think I’ve been having a little too much fun running around incognito, and have been a little too free with my thoughts– although I meant every single comment. There’s nothing “fishy” going on between Byran and I.

    And guess what? I just happen to live nowhere near Penn State. I just threw that in because I thought it was funny that he was having a fit over eastern thunderstorms when he plans to live on the east coast for the next several years. That’s all.

    I think I would be wise to refrain from posting any comments on the by-log for a long while– and then only with great reservation.


  14. Come on people give Delia a break. There is no need to try to make a point on here…especially if you don’t know her. Have some Christian charity and back off.

  15. Sorry, you were wrong on one point.We never thought anything was going on with you and By. Yes some of your choice of words made people wonder , but why leave? You did nothing “Wrong.” Hang around…we like to read your opinions on stuff and if it helps, you arent the only one that has ever got “questioned” on Xanga. ~another Anonymous

  16. Delia, I know how fun it is to go around and post and no-one knows who you are..but don’t leave, we need you “A-hem” comments!!:}

  17. OH CHILDREN! This is why I hate the blog world…….it’s full of misunderstanding and miscommunication.

    Anon, sure, it might be fun to go around posting as such so no one knows who you are, but if you DON’T post anon, then you are a lot more responsible for what you say, you weigh your words more carefully, and in my case, you need to go back and try to clean up the dirt you left behind when you don’t keep your mouth closed.

    Delia, I should learn that if I ever say something online and I am smiling inwardly, that I MUST include a very large, cheesy, obnoxious smiley face along with it indicating to the world that I was not being harsh and rude. I apologize. You are dear, I love to read your comments. I do believe that we have something in common, I bid the by-log farewell once……HA! That didn’t last.

    Byran, that’s what you get for having such a, er, captivating blog……people like me who can’t stay away and don’t know when to put the lid on it. Sighing.

    Love and PEACE, may it flow through the air cleansing the stench of my mistakes……


  18. Ag, the reason I was agreeing that its fun to post anon, is because Delia said she was having fun..and I agreed with her, but I think we are all guilty of not weighing our words to well, not just one person. Anyways no harm was meant from anyone that I can tell. Peace!!


  19. Paul don’t feel bad about having them dense moments and can’t read between the line moments.My dear husband has them at times too!!Haa!!

  20. Delia, the blog world is so hard to read what folks are trying to say because you cant see their expressions and facial movements. So we meant this all in fun, but I see it could have caused you some grief, so for my part I am sorry!!

    Also sorry to By, for all the balarney!! Should have kept my mouth shut!!!

  21. Sounds like everything’s under control here, I haven’t been around the web for the weekend. As long as everybody’s cool, I’m cool.

  22. AHEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! šŸ™‚ I’m back. Was I gone long enough for you? šŸ™‚

    But seriously, I owe some anons an apology too (btw, you are all forgiven:). Apparently this all was just a big joke. You’ll have to excuse me– I’m afraid I can be rather oblivious at times. But don’t let that keep you from having a good laugh at my expense–on the contrary, please do. These kinds of shenanigans are good for me. You see, I tend to take myself far too seriously and I also tend to be hypersensitive. I’ve struggled with it all my life. Sometimes it can be a tremendous blessing and at other times, it’s rather like a curse. I thought I had grown in that area (or gotten more hard-hearted or something), but this recent experience proves to me that I haven’t. It hurt (but pain is good! Now does that sound masochistic or what? But anyway).
    In situations such as this, I despise my hypersensitivity.I need to learn to deal with stuff like “this” better. As Dr. S. would say, “Delia, you just need to get over yourself!” I have gotten over myself in this case, and I am ready to continue to enrich your lives with my comments *tongue in cheek while laughing*.

    And dear, Ag… thanks for your understanding. And I didn’t think you were being harsh or rude… I was very bewildered… And I still feel rather clueless as to what exactly, actually happened this weekend.:{

    I also am suspicious that we may have much more in common than merely bidding farewell to the by-log.:) But that remains to be seen.:)

    Peace to you all!!:)


  23. Delia, You truly are a good person!!! I will do my utmost to be easier on you from here on out…not that there was a test, but if it would have been…you would have passed big-time!!!!! I have learned a lesson too.. don’t take things so far!!

  24. Oh one more thing..I am glad you’re back!

  25. Delia, I must say one thing that I KNOW we don’t have in common is that of being over-sensitive and I would assume that with that you also have an over-sensitive conscience as well. I have found that I am sometime not as patient with such a people as I should be and it’s due to the fact that I can in NO WAY, shape or form relate to what they are struggling with. The only time I was over-sensitive in any aspect of life was when I was like thirteen and that explains itself. I am not easily hurt or offended and sometimes I wonder if I have a conscience at all, no I know I do, I just wonder when I’m around those people that are so sensitive in the area of their conscience. My conscience would make them weep. Because of that, it is hard for me to understand what people like you are struggling with.

    Anyhow, why am I going off?


  26. *Laughing* I am “a truly good person”– Ahem!:) That’s really very sweet of you, Anon, but I don’t think I quite fit that bill.:) God helping me, someday I’ll get there, but I’m not there yet. šŸ™‚

    Aggie, I am not convinced that I have an over-sensitive conscience. I think I’m too self-centered (God and I are working on that:) to be one of those folks. I do tend to over-analyze stuff though… But… well, I’m not sure I can express this very well… but is there even such a thing as an over-sensitive conscience? I mean, who measures what is a normal conscience and what is an over-sensitive one? Just something I’ve wondered. (You don’t have to answer that. However, you may if you like. It’s fun reading your shpeals.:)


  27. Can I post here Delia…even though you were asking Ag… I don’t know if there is such a thing as an over sensitive conscience, but if there is I think I have it..Its so easy for me to think I have to explain things just right,and then if I don’t I feel guilty and feel like I need to apologize. It can be pretty miserable at times. But I am trying to get over that too.~LE

  28. Well, if there is such a thing as an over-sensitive conscience, there is also such a thing as an under-sensitive conscience, and that’s where I think I fall in. So LE, tell me something. If one of your friends tells you that you really don’t need to apologize, do you keep on? Do you NEED to apologize. I have two dear friends who have apologize more two me in 24 hours time than what I have probably apologized to people in a lifetime. They’ll say something sarcastically rude (like only friends can…) and then come back and apologize and say they were just kidding. I knew that in the first place and didn’t even consider being offended. They are dears! We’ve worked out this little deal though.

    I just can’t relate. I am so rarely offended, and I so rarely feel as though I need to apologize to someone. I think they sort of go together somehow, the being easily offended and always needing to apologize.

    There has to be a balance! Because I should probably “feel the need” to apologize more often and it sounds like you need to “learn” not to apologize as much.


  29. LE, I’d like to share a verse with you that has been a tremendous encouragement to me, “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit” (Romans 8:1). I love this verse because what it says to me is that no matter how badly I “mess up”, God is not going to immediately condemn me (i.e., If I sin, God will not immediately “kick me out of” His good graces)if I have been living a life dedicated to Christ. That gives me security; both in my relationship with Him and my relationships with others (and I think [maybe] hypersensitivity as well as an over-sensitive conscience boils back to insecurities about ourselves, how God sees us, or how others see– but maybe I’m “all wet”– that’s just been my experience.) When I feel insecure about myself, I tend to react by being hypersensitive (or, in some situations, allowing my conscience to “beat me over the head” for my sins and mistakes). Now, I’m not ruling out the fact that the Holy Spirit can and does convict us of our sins. I just think that for some people, an oversensitive conscience can be the result of relational insecurities. (And, please, don’t take that personally, LE. I don’t even know who you are.:) This is just me rambling about what is going through my head at the moment, ‘kay? šŸ™‚


  30. Thanks girls…its something I have dealt with most of my life,even as a little child in school,but hopefully I am getting a grip on it. I am a mom to 4 little kids and I still sometimes struggle. I have tried to analyze it.. and I have this thing of not wanting to “hurt” people…which is good and all, but I know that I tend to over-do it, because then there are some folks around that take advantage of that.. and you can end up hopping to their ever beck and call, when sometimes I should just say “NO” My husband has helped me a lot in this though…but thats where I am coming from.Crazy huh??LOL ~LE

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