Posted by: thebylog | July 7, 2005

Bible School Reunions

So you have Mennonite Bible Schools. For young people, they can be life-changing times of spiritual growth and social interaction, times and relationships upon which a person looks back with an incredible affection. Over the period of 6 or 12 weeks, the daily, close contact with the new friends you’ve made make for a feeling of fondness easygoing comfort around them.

But, after it’s all over, people scatter back to their various home communities and most of these relationships change, either petering out completely or reduced to occasional phone or internet contact.

But, we think, wouldn’t we like to recapture some of that past glory? So let’s have a reunion. Then we can get together and everything will be just like it was! Yeah!

We plan the reunion, most of the people come, and when we get there it just plumb ain’t the same. We really, really want it to be the same, but it ain’t.

Oh, we can get to a comfortable, friendly place with these old friends. And if we’re lucky, we’ll find ourselves hanging out late some night, inhibitions melting away, recapturing “the magic.” But, in all likelihood – at least for the non-expert relationalists among us – we try our best but it just ain’t the same.

And that’s ok.

If we go in with both eyes open and a mind that embraces the reality of it all, we can probably even come away with a satisfied feeling.

ITF inspired this post by verbalizing something that I hadn’t mentally formulated. But when he said it, it was like “Yes, yes, that’s exactly right!”



  1. Oh please Byran…..quit thinking like a man!

    I find the thought of Bible School reunions quite fun and refreshing. The “glory” days of the past will be replaced by something far more glorious like……no curfew. God speaks at midnight in ladies dorms and reunions don’t hinder the moving of the Holy Spirit……ain’t it just grand!


  2. Ahem! I just happen to be a woman, and I just happen to heartily agree with Byran!*smiles* But then I have been noted for being peculiar in my lifetime. 🙂 I was the girl who went out and roller skated with the boys at recess instead of partaking in the more feminine activity of swinging on the swings and talking about “girlie stuff”– I thought that was boring (Suffice it to say, I don’t anymore).The girls in my class thought I was weird.:) But anyway, that just happens to be entirely off the subject.:)


  3. You know, By, you’re a REAL encouragement to me, beings a I’m eagerly plannng on going to my Bible School reunion next weekend… 🙂 Honestly though, I’m more worried about my trip TO BS reunion having the same wonderful qualities… I’m going with the same 2 people, but they have since started dating!!! Good thing would be I’m really good friends with both of them… But in general, I’ve kept up with my BS friends. Aaah, the wonders of email!!!!

  4. Delia, you probably wouldn’t like me much. I am as “girlie” as they come. Sorry.

    Lauren, your reunion will be awesome…..:)! Seriously though, anything like that, you get what you put into it.


  5. *Laughing* Ag, what is it that makes you so convinced that I wouldn’t like you?


  6. Oh I’m sure you would adore me. I’m just so easy to love. Is that any better? I USUALLY get along fairly well with most people, given there are a few exceptions, so I’m sure I’d like you jest fine. 😉

    I discovered throughout my life, that girls like you don’t always like girls like me. (This probably goes for teenage years more than now…) I’m just timid, hesitant and “girlie” to boot (although I prefer to call it “feminine”, it doesn’t sound as prissy).

    Ah, but I’m sure we would be able to connect in some way. 🙂

    Hey, question for the world. How come you connect with some people instantly (as my friend Karen would say you “hit it off at a flying gallop”), and other people you just don’t and you have to struggle at simple things like, polite conversation. It doesn’t make sense.


  7. I thought you were going to say that this was one of the reasons that heaven will be so great. We can be in close fellowship…forever!

  8. Ag… Wait… I don’t think I understand. You are timid and hesitant? This is really very funny. I thought you were this super-outgoing individual– from reading your comments.:) This is ludicrous, I’d be willing to wager you think the same about me (that I’m outgoing, that is). Guess what? I’m not like that either.:) I tend to be reserved, and it’s on extremely rare occasions that anyone hears my voice– unless I’m around people that I know excessively well or am comfortable with. If I ever met you in a crowd, I probably would say, “Hi,” and that’s all! (Well, perhaps I might say more, but it’s doubtful.)

    Hmmm… Why do we connect with some people instantly and others, we just don’t? Well, I don’t know that this is the reason, but it’s one I like to imagine exists… Okay, you know that little “dip” everyone has just above his/her mouth and just beneath the nose?

    There is a Jewish legend that says before every baby is born, an angel presses the spot just above their lips to erase their memories of what “heaven” is like, so that they can tell no one on earth what they know. That’s what creates that small “dip”. And what does this have to do with connecting with others? Simple. If indeed we had a pre-life in “heaven” before coming to earth, it would stand to reason that we would have known each other before we arrived here. But the angel erased our memories of one another. When we see each other now, however, something stirs within us and we remember those long ago days together in “heaven” and we “click” with each other. Therefore, my theory is that those people with whom we immediately connect, must be long-lost friends– perhaps best friends– that we had in “heaven” before we came here.

    Now, a disclaimer here. I am undecided as to whether or not we had a “pre-life”. I probably would lean toward the camp that says we didn’t. But no one can go back to the time before they were born, and prove that they didn’t… So, Ag, I simply lay this before you as a beautiful thought that I’ve had although it is definitely not fact-based. 🙂


  9. Uh, yeah and well. Maybe I better clarify myself. I am timid and hesitant in the sense of adventure, as in, I am NOT a risk taker at all!

    “Socially”, well, that fluctuates a bit, but no, I am not usually timed and hesitant. As to whether or not I am out-going, it all depends on how quickly I connect with someone. I usually say a lot more than “Hi” though. 🙂

    Okay, the legend is very cute if you leave it at just being a legend. But I get the message. (I’m just picturing the conversation where I am gaping madly and when question I say….”Oh, I am just connecting with your dip.” Okay, that struck me funny….it’s after 1:00! That explains it….)


  10. That question of why it is so hard to connect with some people is something I’ve pondered over a lot. One explanation (which would really just be stating the question as a fact!) would be that some people are harder to get along with than others. However, of course, everyone gets along with someone! Even the people I’ve tried and tried in vain to connect with have close friends. There is a girl in my church that from the day we’ve met, we just never clicked, and I would rank our relationship as ‘aquaintances’. Although, through the years, we have both put effort forth off and on to try to become friends. But it just seems like it will never happen. However, there is another girl I met a year and a half ago that the day we met, we became such good friends that by that evening, people were asking us if we were cousins or old best friends. We are still super close. It really doesn’t make sense, if you think about it. So if you have an answer to how we can connect with everyone, I’d love to hear it. 🙂
    And Ag, I trust you’re right about my reunion. I’m really quite excited…..


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