Posted by: thebylog | July 12, 2005

What Can I Say?

God is so good, so much better than I deserve. And I don’t understand why.

God, why do you love me
When I am so foolish?
And God, you didn’t go halfway.
You laid it all down
You put it all on the line
You sent the One most precious to you, for me.

I can’t comprehend
Why you still pursue me
When I run the other way.
You, you want my life
You desire my being
What, what can I say to this?

What can I say, but thank you Jesus?
What can I say, but I love you God?
What can I say, but Lord take what you gave me
My life, desires, they’re yours.
What can I say, what can I say, to this love?



  1. Oh Amen! I’ve been basking in His goodness. The showers of blessing are abundant.


  2. According to your mom’s post its your birthday today?? Well here a wish for a Wonderful Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, Byran!
    Uncle Paul, Aunt Dorcas, and the cuzzins

  4. Happy Birthday, Byran!! i thought of you today on the combine and i hope your day was awesome. Beth wants to know if you got her text message. 🙂

  5. hey great words and Happy Birthday to ya! Im sure ur ‘Bright eyes’ would celebrate with you if she exsisted. 🙂 dont give up she’s out there somewhere waiting 4 ya! hey have you written that song about couples kissing yet???

  6. Um, is this a new song you’ve written, or have you taken to blank verse poetry? (Just curious.)


  7. No, no, people, you have it wrong! I only *sang* a song about the couple kissing. But now I forget, did I say that I should write one too? Don’t count on it.

    Qwert, I did get her text. I think I’m gonna call her up too. You have a cell phone by now?

  8. ok by, next time you sing a song about couples kissing write it down we wanna hear it toooooo!!!!! :p ha ha ha ha ha. acctually if you write one like that, save it 4 ur ‘bright eyes’! have a good one!

  9. WOW!!This song is really nice.If you ever record a solo CD,Let me know.I want one.
    Keep on singing for your God.
    And I hope that B-day was Great.Selah

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