Posted by: thebylog | July 14, 2005

My Big Day

It did happen to be my birthday yesterday. My mom was worried nobody around here would know about it, but they did and they pulled off a party complete with food, cards, gifts (delightful things like a dancing monkey and bubble bath in a pink bottle), and a cake that didn’t explode when I cut it.

I tip my hat to the people I currently hang with. And I tip my hat in a most loving way to my mom. She da best (she spoils me).

I’m stinkin’ old, by the way. Twenty-three.

I forbid anyone from my parents’ generation to smirk, laugh, or roll their eyes at that statement.



  1. Happy Birthday! (in case you didn’t get my text message to that effect)

    Also, I was petrified that you’d see this comment on my blog and it would ruin the surprise for you.

    Merry and I would have both loved to come, but we couldn’t. We had about ten other things going…

  2. Hello By. Happy Birthday! I’m a long time “lurking” reader of your blog, having stumbled on the AHQ website a while back.

    I really enjoy reading your posts…You write so directly and thought-provokingly, especially when it concerns spiritual matters…you have a “way” of hitting the nail on the head and writing confusing things with such clarity that they aren’t quite so confusing. (That probably doesn’t make any sense…)

    Anyway, keep up the good work! And PLEASE don’t say 23 is old…my brother is less than a year away from catching up to you and I can’t imagine him, oh, being THAT old! haha! Take care & God bless.


  3. Happy Birthday. I remember when you were born. My own baby was born in August just a few weeks after you. You two are third cousins. I wish you guys could know each other like your mom and I! Your mother is a cherished friend of mine. By the way, I heard you guys sing when you were at Zion this winter. That was worth going to hear. It was beautiful.

    And about being old? I am smirking.

  4. I’m smirking, laughing, and rolling my eyes. Catch me if ya can!


  5. Oh, and of course, Happy Birthday! I sounds like it was a lot of fun for you with lots of pleasant memories as a result.


  6. For the last time, Byran, YOU ARE NOT OLD!!! (Because, if you are [which you’re not], that makes me quite ancient also. And I refuse to be thought of in such a fashion.:)

    –Delia (a.k.a. Denise)

  7. Happy birthday late! Sorry I wasn’t able to make it to your party; had two mtgs to attend. 🙂 Just ran into your blog site and enjoy your thought-provoking insights. ~LG

  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. ha ha ha ha ha! 23 huh? well just remember by, you’re not old until you say you are. Happy Birthday!

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