Posted by: thebylog | July 22, 2005

Tapestry Chamber Singers

I am privileged and excited to be singing with a Mennonite choir put together by some friends of mine. Actually, it’s the brainchild of Crystal, an occasional commenter here, and sang first two years ago. Here’s the old website, but note that though many of the people are the same this time around, there are new ones as well as a mostly different repertoire. A new website’s coming soon; I’ll let you know.

We should be about 30 strong, and if last time is any indication, it will be quality music and a boatload of fun.

Here’s our tentative itinerary. Please come.

Tue. Aug. 9 Oak Grove Mennonite Church Aroda, VA
Wed. Aug. 10 Maple Glen Mennonite Church Grantsville, MD
Thur. Aug. 11 Hartville Conservative Mennonite Church Hartville, OH
Fri. Aug. 12 TBA (probably in the central PA area)
Sat. Aug 13 Hammer Creek Mennonite Church Lititz, PA
Sun. a.m. Aug. 14 LIFE Fellowship Conestoga, PA
Sun. p.m. Aug. 14 Faith Christian Fellowship Catlett, VA



  1. I’ll be there.


  2. Now, why can’t they come a little farther south? LIKE TO GEORGIA!

    I want to hear that program!

    Somebody better burn a CD, so I can hear it.

  3. I’m gonna be there one night if I have to ride a camel 600 miles to do it!

    Okay, I’m not quite that desparate, I guess.

    Besides, camels are rather scarce around here.

  4. central pa sounds good
    like the big valley area, hopefully

  5. Three thousand miles is an awfully long way to have to bum a ride to hear ya. Bummer. No pun intended.


  6. Paul, come to VA and we will go together to hear them at Catlett, VA. Oh dear, that would make it too late a night for you all on Sat. Forgot about you working on Sat. Well it was a thought!

  7. Maple Glenn is like two miles from my house. I told Heidi that I might come if my schedule permits. HA! Your choir might be minus three gorgeous singers for the night because I might just nab them early! (Yeah, that’s like a kidnapping threat.)


  8. I feel really left out.

  9. Me too. Feeling left out, that is. Rosie!

  10. Well NOW I’d LOVE to meet you In Hartville,Oh.Especially with that Gingerich couple on there being relatives of mine.But I’m going to be in MO. THAT weekend.I’m missing out and that BITES!!!:(
    Have a wonderful tour anyway.

  11. By the way If you’d go to Life Fellowship 1 week later–MAN I’d be there.SICK!!!!!

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