Posted by: thebylog | July 24, 2005


I try to think of rejection I’ve experienced in my life and I don’t come up with much. Certainly not from my family or from my church. Maybe I actually have felt some – to a limited degree and possibly as the result of my own insecurities – in several environments throughout the years. But even if you could call those things rejection, it wasn’t overt at all. I have never felt openly rejected as a person until now.

Details are unimportant here, but suffice it to say someone I thought I had a connection with has, at this point, completely severed our relationship. They say he’s rejecting God not me and that may be true, but it also is true that because of my actions, though inadvertant, he is at odds with me for sure and probably with the church too.

And boy, it hurt me bad. What an experience God is taking me through; I hope it’s for both his good and mine. I can definitely see the good coming out of it from my perspective, I just hope that he’s as fortunate and that I didn’t really mess something up.

Saturday was a good day, mostly out of the city. I needed the break, the encouragement of my buds here, the reestablishment of some perspective. As a result of this incident, I think my view of the last two weeks here are going to change. I guess since I’m more knowledgable, I’m more accountable – less naive for sure.



  1. I need to talk to you. Something to remember: “This too shall pass”…


  2. Stay strong. Pray. Pray for the person rejecting you. Pray for love and compassion. Truly it is more about what God wants to do in both of your lives than it is about you.

  3. OUCH!!!!That hurts.
    Keep your chin up.And amen to Delia’s comment,This too SHALL pass.

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