Posted by: thebylog | July 26, 2005

Eating Like a Pig

If you’ve just eaten a burrito and a Butterfinger for lunch and those things make you comfortably full, should you or should you not eat the healthy banana on the counter?

This is a nagging question that has come up numerous times in my life, and I’m at a loss to know what to do. Usually, it seems, I eat the proverbial yellow fruit so maybe that tells you what I really think.



  1. Lol! I have had that conundrum many times!

  2. You guys are weird.

  3. Tom doesn’t have any moral confusion when it comes to food, therefore he doesn’t understand your problem. Then again, neither do I, really. I say, eat the banana, which is healthy for you, and then have a peanut-butter fudge shake.

    Here’s the most hilarious thing; at our bakery, we sell more Diet Coke than any other beverage. Two apple fritters, one bear claw, and a diet Coke. That diet Coke must really help burn the 2500 calories you just inhaled! Oh, and our second most popular beverage? Chocolate milk.

  4. Byran, if you’ve ALREADY eaten the burrito and the Butterfinger, then deciding whether or not to eat a healthy banana may be difficult. But I have a different solution for next time. 🙂
    Pick up the banana off the counter and eat it first, then decide if you want the burrito or the Butterfinger to finish filling you up. That way you’ll be sure to have had at least one healthy item.

    🙂 Have a great day! Happy eating!


  5. I think I would be in Pain after the Burrito!!I think I agree with Naomi!!Eat the Bananna 1st!!!
    This sounds like a bacholers Menu!!Microwave and wrapped Items!;)j/k!

  6. Dear Sir:

    I have reached a conclusion that has nothing to do with food whatsoever.

    “Proverbial”, is definitely your most over-used word.

    Thank you for taking my vote and I look forward to being of assistance in the future.


    Anita J. Beachy

  7. I think someone should do an in-depth study on the word gluttony as it was used in the Bible, that’s what I think.

    Thank you AJB! I did use that word twice in a single post once.

  8. TWICE! Oh and that is just the ultimate crime!

    I always have this delicously terrible desire to approach the radical, pious, over-sized minister stuffing donuts in his mouth, jowls flapping in the breeze, condemning the world of sin, if he would be so kind as to make his next sermon topic that on the “sin of gluttony”. I never have.

    If gluttony is sin why do you never hear about it from the pulpit?


  9. Funny you should mention that, I just talked to a preacher about doing a sermon on gluttony. Unfortunately, should he ever do it I’ll probably be far away and not within listening range.

  10. Well, ask him to record it and send me a copy. I have never heard a sermon on gluttony and I would like to.


  11. Hey, Ag, try “Googling” gluttony. Believe it or not, there have been sermons preached on it. But it is true, in Mennonite circles you don’t hear too many sermons on the subject. Maybe that’s because we know we have a problem with it. Wouldn’t want to step on anyone’s proverbial toes ;).


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