Posted by: thebylog | July 28, 2005

A Few, Recent, Impactful Songs

Not too long ago, I posted about how much I liked Bethany Dillon. The opening track of her initial CD is a song called Revolutionaries (complete lyrics here), a call to follow after the best way, even if that’s not how it’s been done before. “Many have traveled this road before/I see their tracks in the dirt/But maybe I don’t agree/With where they are leading … Come with me/they’ll call us revolutionaries.” Ah, the vision and idealism of youth. You gotta love it and embrace it and wring every last bit of good out of it. “Dreaming all the time/It’s not foolish/Your flood of life giving words/They will refresh, they will refresh.” A revolution of life. Tell me if they encourage disrespect for authority.

I’m pretty sure that I should just snap up everything that Switchfoot has ever done. I’m not generally a fan of their style of music – what I’d call modern rock – but the lyrics are so compelling and the vocals sound so good and even some of their crazy guitar riffs are cool! They’re songwriting is just unreal in its depth. The big crossover hit they have right now is called Dare You To Move (here’s the complete lyric), a call to something more, something better – Redemption!

Then there’s Frank Sinatra, My Way. Wow, what an eloquent, amazing, defiant testament to humanism. If this isn’t a prime example of modern man setting himself up as god, I don’t know what is. Let me paraphrase: I did all the stuff in my life but more importantly, the stuff I did I did my way. I did a few bad things, but then, not enough to worry about; actually, I was in control the whole time and I did it my way. When something seemed a bit rough and tough, or a lot rough and tough, I took it like a man – and did it my way. I’ve experienced a lot, some good some bad, and it’s funny in a way that I did everything I did, but dude, I did it my way! If a man doesn’t have himself, he doesn’t have anything. I said what I thought and didn’t rely on anyone else – I did it my way. The actual lyric is more eloquent, but you get the point.



  1. Try out Michael W. Smith’s new one sometime.”Healing Rain”
    It has some really good songs on it!!!
    And more then once They have moved me to tears!!Selah

  2. Hum… Switchfoot…You have been living in the same apartment with my brother way too long! He’s ruining your musical tastes! Just kidding. Interesting observations about them (Switchfoot) though.

    You know, I think that in virtually every genre of music a person can find something praise-worthy if he allows himself to be open to it.(Well, maybe not in voo-doo chants and stuff like that, but almost everything.)


  3. You want deep, poignant lyrics and a wonderful melody? Natalie Grant with “Held”. Currently my favoritest song.

  4. Yeah, Natalie Grant with “Held”. I feel it.

    Here is a current family favorite. See what you think: Play the “song clip” (it’ll be the whole song)

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