Posted by: thebylog | August 1, 2005

Spiritual Cliches

I don’t like them but it seems that often I am not wise enough to avoid them. And I’m not talking about when I’m praying in public, I’m talking about when I’m sharing with someone I’ve shared with lots and who won’t seem to tune in. I want to share with him about the wonder I’ve found in Christ, but it sounds trite.



  1. Hmm… let me guess… CU or MS? I can kinda indentify with what you are saying. You have shared with them (especially CU) so much that you feel like you are starting to sound like a broken record. Fortunately, although it may feel that way to you, it probably doesn’t to him. I think he needs to hear what you have to say over and over again (admittedly, that taxes you physically and emotionally), but he needs to hear it. May God continue to give you strength! Hang in there!


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