Posted by: thebylog | August 2, 2005

TT sent me some pictures from the Purpose photo shoot, one of which is my new profile picture at right and one of which is below.



  1. hey!! that’s a good picture. you all are just so photogenic.


  2. Question: Are you “lifting up holy hands”, holding up the ceiling, or just proving that you can reach that high? 🙂


  3. Strange. Very strange.


  4. Actually he’s just imitating Guy Penrod. 🙂

    the Baritone

  5. I sent you an email Byron.

  6. Then grow some hair…….


  7. Aieeee, that would be scary! I meant his pose (arms raised, face to the sky), not his hair. 🙂

    The Baritone

  8. I like it better when you can see The face!!!:) Lookin’ good By—On the new profile picture–smile next time and show that nice set of teeth!:)

  9. I like him better pensive and thoughtful.:)

    For some reason I tend to think of songwriters as being somewhat melancholy. I’m sure I can’t imagine why. Wait, maybe it’s because sad people seem “deeper” than those folks with more sanguinary personalities. But why is that?

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