Posted by: thebylog | August 8, 2005

Comfortable Giving?

One of the things I thought about the past weekend has to do with my Radical Dependence post, shedding a bit of a different light upon it.

In Acts 11:29 the Antioch church is being described helping out fellow believers and it says that “every man according to his ability, determined to send relief unto the brethren.”

Oh, so everyone gave as much as they could. Like, some dude could live on $20k/year, and he made $30k/year, so he gave $10k. This in contrast to my sacrificial giving idea which would be like giving $15k when you can only afford to give 10.

So, perhaps Scripture helps interpret Scripture in this case.

It could still be a sacrifice. He might have to forgo his college football season tickets.



  1. For some reason I got a chuckle out of this!

    No one can say you didnt take this scripture and apply it to modern times. Football tickets? Now that’s one that the church at Antioch didnt have to face. On second thought maybe there were season passes to see the gladiators in the town square?

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