Posted by: thebylog | August 13, 2005

Here and There

:: I’ve been struck more and more recently about how much my life is going to change in the next two or three weeks. So many things, so many uncertainties. It’s really astounding, if I stop and think about it.

Take school for instance. How tough the classes will be, how much time they will consume, what being a Teacher’s Assistant will be like, whether I’ll have time to do the other things I need to do, whether I’ll have time to do the other things I wanna do … these things hold much mystery to me and the only way to de-mystify them is to dive in.

:: For the record, today was a good day. Maybe sometime I’ll tell you why.

:: Tour’s been excellent. I know this will chagrin TT, but the word is that Tap2 is bigger and tighter than Tap1. Programs have been varying in their degrees of quality, though, with our 90-degree cooker of a concert last night perhaps our best. There have been numerous serious mishaps of various sorts, but some glorious moments as well, and many fine musical experiences.

:: An advantage of living in the east: my circle of acquaintances seems to be growing at a great rate. I am privileged to have made so many new friends in the last 4 months and something that thrills my heart is finding people that I really connect with about different things. It’s awesome.

:: A disadvantage of living in the east: there’s actually quite a few (no offense, I’m from Oregon), but one thing is (and I’m not sure this is because of the “east”) is that I’m adopting a Mennonite attitude. I went through a time in my life where I didn’t embrace Anabaptism as much as what I considered a better term/label: Christianity. But being in the east, touching Mennonite culture so much, I have come to grips to a large extent with being Mennonite and what that means to me. But it’s scary for whatever reason, like I’m capitulating or something.



  1. hey man, I loved ur program Thursday night in Hartville.

  2. Hey By, Your program on Sun. morn absolutely lifted the roof. Keep it up!

  3. I TOTALLY agree that one of the great things about living in the east is all the potential Mennonite friends and aquaintances!!! The possibilities are almost endless!! I’d say OH and PA are EASILY the best for that, due (obviously!) to our close proxemity to each other. It seems to me as if Oregon would really be quite lonely. However, OH and PA also have their downfalls, one of which is the alarming rate at which rumors and gossip fly therein. Personally, I would see as one of the greatest detriments to the Mennonite churches in general.


  4. Saturday was a good day, huh? Some of us have to wonder what you are talking about. Some of us don’t. Congratulations.


  5. I’m glad Sat. was a good day for you.

    And capitulation isn’t always a bad thing.:)


  6. Be a Mennonite–it’s a culture as well as a belief system, understand it, like it, don’t reject it, but don’t make it your religion. First allegiance to God. I know you know that.

    Call me, call me. I talked to your mom last night and Barb and now I want to hear it from you.

  7. Rosie, that exclamation mark after your name is entirely appropriate!

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