Posted by: thebylog | August 19, 2005

What I Really Meant

Maybe sometime I’ll tell you why” I had such a great night last Sunday, that’s what I said. So now I’ll tell you.

The truth is, it was an excellent night without what I’m about to say (I got to hang out with singing buddies, sing around a bannister-thing with singing buddies, eat food …). But with it, the tale becomes life-changing and so much sweeter.

On that great night, a sweet, beautiful and Godly girl said she’d enter into a special relationship with … ME! This, my friends, is Amy:

And this, my friends, represents a shift in my life the likes of which I’ve never seen or felt before (and I thought adjusting to school was significant):

Now, this didn’t come out of the blue. I’d been planning and plotting for months, gathering information and making key connections – this all happened, delightfully, without Amy’s awareness. When I asked her last Saturday, she was completely and wonderfully blindsided.

Also surprising to you is that even on the by-log this didn’t come out of the blue. Yes, a few days ago there was some rumblings in the comments, but that was after the fact. I want everybody to go back here, and stare at this post for awhile, noting not only its subject but also the number of paragraphs composing it. Think crossword puzzle, or something like that, and see what you come up with.

We are very excited. This is very new to both of us, and it will require much wisdom as we seek to learn to know each other and to know God together. It’s daunting, but oh-so-exciting.



  1. Big congrats to you! You definitely got a very sweet, beautiful young lady!

  2. Oh brother, you’re discombobulated already!! You posted that on Saturday, not Sunday. Although, judging from a smirk or two of yours that I “perceived”, you were feeling pretty good about “something” Saturday afternoon. πŸ™‚

    Can’t believe, that with all your faithful readers, I get to be the second to post!

    Whoa By, you have no idea what you’re getting into! You’re heading for heaven on earth, believe it or not! At least,potentially and ideally that is; when it’s done God’s way, only heaven is a better place. Oh, uhβ€”that’s what they tell me anyway, and I’d have to say they make it look like it too! πŸ™‚

    May God direct your steps in your relationship together, and enable you to keep Him as the center and “driving-force”.

    Do it God’s way, brother; you will never regret it, you will reap the blessings all of your life, and all of us desperately need to see it done His way.


  3. Oh my Goodness!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations Byran…she sure is cute!!!
    Now I need to get off of here and call your mom!!!

  4. LOL @ Arlene! Sounds just like my mom…

  5. Btw. do we know her by a blog name?? Never know..with some folks having a different name on here.

  6. Nope. She only wistfully talks of taking time off to read “Dorcas’s blog” but she never finds the time…

  7. And pics just don’t do her justice. She’s so much better in real life. πŸ™‚

    Totally hyper!

  8. Hey, Byran, Congratulations on the big step! Now give us some details,like, does Amy have a last name, and where is she from, ect? I’d like to ask who her parents are, too, but that kinda puts me in an old age category! Pauline

  9. Godly courtship is commendable. Enjoy fully and learn lots (don’t waste even the mistakes)in this new chapter of your pilgramage here.

    Konrad’s mother

  10. Hey Pauline, if you’d like a sneak peek before Byran gets back to you look her up in the Bios on Tapestry 2003 and 2005 tours.

  11. by, that is so exciting. i am so happy for you. even though i don’t know her i am sure she has got to be a great person to get your attention. that is really neat. i will be praying for both of you as you begin this new experience. that is also very neat that she had absolutely no idea. God Bless.


  12. Congrats, By. Seems one of our discussions of that night carried more weight than I would have imagined :-).

  13. Here’s a link to the referenced bio.

    “And pics just don’t do her justice. She’s so much better in real life. :-)”

    My thoughts exactly! Especially after Arlene’s comment.

  14. Very clever with the crossword puzzle thing.


  15. Well Hans, she’d better start reading the by-log, don’t you think?!!

  16. Congrats, By… Best wishes and all…
    I don’t know Amy personally, but I went to school with some of her older siblings; they’re a nice family.

    This probably answers some of my questions about a church home, etc.
    Also, are you feeling good that you didn’t “get to go” to MIT, Purdue, Berkley, or UChicago?? Penn State works out pretty well, doesn’t it? A little over an hour’s drive for a weekend visit! Head down the US322 to US522…. However, if you decide to wind across on PA45 to Mifflinburg, you’ll go right past my aunt & uncle’s house in Aaronsburg.

    I echo these words from Dave, they’re worth repeating…
    Do it God’s way, brother; you will never regret it, you will reap the blessings all of your life, and all of us desperately need to see it done His way.

  17. My bad… I wanted to link my MIT, Perdue, Penn State comment to here.

    Did Amy figure into those college plans??!!

  18. ITF: So she can feel really good about herself? *grin*

  19. That’s awesome, Byran!!! God bless you both.

  20. God bless you both!


  21. Oh, my! What a schemer you are!:) Something tells me Miss Amy is in for many more delightful surprises in the future. Very clever (and sneaky) with the acronym.:)

    Best wishes and blessings to you both!

  22. I will add my congratulations to the growing pile. We are all very happy for both you and her. Applause for waiting on God–his time, his will, his woman for you.

  23. Congrats and blessings to you in this new step of your life! What a great reminder that waiting is always worth it…may God lead you every step of the way.


  24. Hey By, Congrats! Man, looks like you know how to pick ’em! How far does she have to Penn State? bet you’re glad you’re gonna be back here, now, right? God’s blessings to you two. I’ll be watching for updates. πŸ™‚

  25. By (and Amy), congratulations and God’s continued blessings be granted to the two of you as you follow His leading in your developing relationship.

  26. Let me just say thank you for all your congratulations.

    Let me also just say that I feel very blessed in how it’s come together (with me conveniently starting study at a school a solitary hour away from Amy’s home).

  27. YAY! BY HAS A GIRL BY HAS A GIRL!!! THAT IS GREAT!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS MAN! (I love when couples get together) πŸ™‚

  28. So I guess, Byran, when you sang “I wanna fly” at church Sun. night and at our house, you already were, eh?

  29. It was one of the hardest secrets for me to keep! You guys gotta be proud of me because I wanted talk about it so bad!I’m so happy for both of you and feel blessed to be a part of this. I Love You! Mom

  30. Hey By,
    I can tell this much about her;
    She’s a pretty good v-ball player.
    I’ve watched her slice up our F.C.S. team a couple of times.
    Brian Fox of GOP

  31. Hey By,
    Is she gonna play at the vball tournament coming up at Faith Mennonite High?

  32. Congratulations Byron. Guess you didnt need my motherly (cousinly)advice about not going to the Philistines to pick your girlfrind. It looks like you did a good job. I’m happy for you!

  33. Congrat’s By!!


  34. Byron, you’re hilarious!! (By what I hear, your also very fortunate). Deepest congrats, and send me some advice after a while, K?

  35. I would like to take this opportunity to confirm everyone’s suspicions. Amy is a wonderfuld girl. I know her very well. Went to school with her. Went to church with her. Even went on family vacations with her. Great girl. Great family too. Maybe I should mention she’s my sister. Looking forward to meeting you, Byron.


  36. Well, if you think she’s cool, you should meet her sisters! πŸ˜‰ Just kidding, Amy is wonderful and I hope you deserve her! Maybe I should also mention that she’s my sister. Welcome to the family!

  37. I’ll add my congrats too!! Sounds like her family is nice too!!! πŸ™‚ Enjoy this “journey” in your life!!

  38. HA! We are glad that the Weaver family has one humble member, you’re glad you got her Byran. Just be patient with the rest of them. Especially that Heidi girl. She’s got alot of issues, but if you get past her rough exterior, you can get along with her okay enough.


  39. You better watch it Ag! I’ll deal with you later!

  40. BYRAN! It’s a malicious family! Don’t say you were not warned………


  41. Congratulations, By!!! I’m very happy and excited for you both!!!
    And nice acronym Saturday!!! πŸ™‚

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