Posted by: thebylog | August 20, 2005

Sometimes days just go bad, and sometimes they’re like butter. This was a dairy product kind of day.

By way of self-analysis, notice the change in the tenor of my recent posts. It has become less exposition/philosophy of life and more narrative. This because I’ve recently had less time for contemplation. I think it would be safe to assume there’s more of the same coming, because if the depth of water in which I’m standing measures the busy-ness of the person, I’m guessing I’m heading for the deep end of the swimming pool. I think there will be more stream-of-consciousness stuff, more story, probably more of a “what-I’m-feeling” angle.



  1. Now you have me wondering what “SB” stands for…

  2. ummm just quick comment…better watch the security a little tighter here is from an individual that knew of the planned question to amy before she did (as of friday night i believe) so order up an investigation…fortunately for all involved said individual kept his/her mouth shut…and is of know direct relation to either party involved though was with both somewhat regularly in the last week or so…=)

  3. Hans, you’re funny.

    The important thing was that Amy and the general population didn’t know until after the fact. With the amount of people that knew, I’m pleasantly surprised that it went off as secretly as it did.

  4. By, you have inspired me. I now have a fully function site! You really must investigate it.

    I’ve often tried to figure out what I usually post about. I go many, many different directions, indeed.


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