Posted by: thebylog | August 23, 2005

The Voice

Another thing about Amy: she sings beautifully. In the words of my musically able and dear aunt, her’s is “a voice to die for.” She has a ton of vocal ability.

She’s a first soprano and she just tears the top off of high notes, singing them in tune and with confidence.

You’ll have to hear her sometime.



  1. “You’ll have to hear her sometime.”

    You can… now.

  2. All true. And I’m her biggest fan.


  3. “And I’m her biggest fan.”

    Ha! I bet By would put up a good fight to put you into second place given half a chance.

  4. discovered your site, i fear it is true that more substantive comments are to be found in the earlier posts=)

    i have heard her, she has an exceptional voice

    i guess it shouldn’t surprise us that the tenor always gets the girl and we really all do wish we were tenors or soporanos


  5. ataboy Josh, it’s about time them swaggering, strutting, growling basses ‘fess up and tell people what they really think!

    Just watch your back for Tom now; he’ll be furious that you betrayed the basses, and showed up the bassist stereotype that cruelly forces them to insult, disdain and belittle the very people they wish to be!!

  6. Josh, I think it’s an operatic thing. In opera, the basso is always the bad guy (no offense meant toward you personally, of course). The tenor is the good guy.:)

    And the soprano generally is the beauty and heroine(Aaah… I love it!)

    Therefore, I must conclude that in light of those facts, By and Amy’s relationship has the makings of a fairytale romance which hopefully will end, “And they all lived happily ever after!”

  7. Oh what a sweet and unrealistic thought.


  8. Now Ag, lets be nice! Must you expect such a realistic view of the future? We must not discourage the couple with such raw truth so soon!

  9. *chuckle* Well, Agnes, whether that is an unrealistic thought depends entirely upon your definition of what reality really is– but we probably shouldn’t go there…

  10. That’s for sure! She has one incredible voice! We were in Asia together, and I loved singing with her.

    See you two in September!

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