Posted by: thebylog | August 24, 2005

Things I’ve Learned in the Last Few Days

:: Yea for Pittsburgh – it is home to the world’s favorite (or most famous or best, I forget which) ketchup: Heinz. A big sign told me so as I went to collect my considerable luggage.

:: Driving strange routes at night while talking to someone special on the phone tends to make trips take longer. In other words, you make wrong turns. However, it doesn’t help when there’s road work on 22 and no detour signs – only a road taking you out into the Pennsylvania countryside.

:: I don’t think the a/c works in my car.

:: There are lots of Asian people in my class at the Stats department at Penn State. Yea for that. Generally, I’ve found them to be wonderfully nice and mostly hard-working.

:: First dates are really cool.

:: Shopping for food is sorta fun, but the long lines aren’t.

:: Until this afternoon, my apartment was an absolute mess, but my excuse was that I’m “still unpacking.” I’ve since pretty much cleaned it up. Needed: furniture.

:: I’ll never have another first date in my whole entire existence.



  1. So, tell us, By. Did you stay true to your dream and go golfing for your first date?;)

  2. Yeah! What’d y’all do?

    You know because you made the announcement on the blog, you are going to have to keep us intimately acquainted with each step of the way… *grin*

  3. You’re right. Firsts are great. I’m currently having fun with my first child. Enjoy each stage. I’m with Hans. What did you do?

  4. Yeah first’s are great, but second’s are even better and third’s the bomb and fourth’s well . . .I could go on, but let’s just say as long as you keep Christ 1st, it just keeps getting better and better.:-)

  5. So, you engaged yet???
    I mean, how much time do you need….

  6. I don’t quite catch your meaning Glenn?

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