Posted by: thebylog | August 29, 2005

Weekend Blurbage

:: I went to a wedding in Missouri this weekend. I’m really glad I went. A long drive, but worth it.

:: I got into circles that I don’t often get into, and I enjoyed it. I didn’t integrate as well as my brother did, for several reasons. He got in there and became buds with people and wowed ’em as a shortstop in the softball game. I sat around with my mom and family and went to bed early.

:: Long car rides with a laptop is a perfect setting for birthing and developing blog posts. My aunt probably wonders what all I’m doing on my computer while she drives mile after mile. Well, Aunt Barb, I’m writing this!

:: On the way out, my aunt talked to our hostess on the phone and since we were arriving early in the morning, our mission was to try to get into the house without the lady hearing us. She acted as if she was pretty sure she’d wake up, and I guess that sounded like a challenge to my aunt. We arrived and walked to the front door, opened it and heard a clatter. The jokester had tied a string to the door, the other end of which was attached to a bucket sitting on a chair and filled with jar lids. So when we opened the door, the bowl fell off the chair and made a noise that woke her up. Everyone thought it was funny.

:: For the reception, they gave us plastic cups. Not sure if this was strategic or coincidental. Also not sure if anyone would have had the courage to start clanging the glasses in that setting. Certainly, the groom didn’t!



  1. Do tell who your hostess was?? I can think of several who would do that!!LOL Glad you had a nice weekend!

  2. She was an Albertan transplant named Marilyn. Miss

  3. That sounds Like My kind of Hostess!She Had to be a blast!
    But in the middle of the night That kind of noise would give you quite a start!
    If I ever have late arrivals-I’ll have to remember that Prank!!!:)

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