Posted by: thebylog | August 30, 2005

One unexpected delight here at Penn State is that with a valid student ID card you can get a local newspaper, the New York Times, and/or USA Today totally free!

On the other hand, there are only 5 graduate students who entered in 2001 and only 6 from 2002. There are 17 First Years, so if that’s an average incoming class size, the attrition rate is pretty substantial.



  1. i was amused to hear of this great fortune which has fallen upon you… FREE news papers. Imagine! And not the boring ones either! Good stuff. Just think of all the important things you’ll be able to buy with those extra quarters and dimes your gonna be saving because of this stroke of luck in your life! Does this mean that I won’t be needing to send you a charity offering of $.75 each month? Regina

  2. Regina, as in my new-found friend Regina D from Oregon?

  3. i thought you said a newspaper…not a tabloid
    signed (jason blair)


  4. Yes. Regina D. Do you remember the conversation we had about saving your money by buying the “cheap” newspaper? The cheap ones are always boring!

  5. It’s actually Jayson Blair… and I was going to make a comment about the shoddy liberal reporting of the NYT as well, but JBG beat me to it…

  6. I’m partial to the USA Today. The only thing bad about them is they don’t have a comics page.

  7. It never took long on a quartet trip before the car was strewn front to back with USA today or whatever other fishwrap somebody would get. Sometimes I would put them to good use and put them in the back window to block the light so I could see my laptop screen better.

  8. C’mon, Tom, you’d read them sometimes!

  9. Yeah, sometimes I’d give in and read the entertainment section.

  10. Somehow I have hard time imagining Tom reading celeb gossip…

  11. You really need a quality news piece like The National Review, The Washington Times, The New York Post or even better (and it’s free!) Captain’s Quarters, PowerLine, or BNN (Blogger News Network;

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