Posted by: thebylog | August 31, 2005

The Urge to Share

Similar to “everybody likes music” is this mysterious urge we get to share music we think is wonderful*. This idea was made crystal clear this summer with a guy we were hanging out with in Waynesboro. He was absolutely in love with his music. It was one of the few things he owned and he adored it.

And he obviously felt a need for us to appreciate it as well. He wanted so badly for us to like his music, to appreciate its subtleties and grandeur and philosophy.

And I sometimes have the same urge to share or at least talk up particularly notable music. I have a need to share it with my friends, whether they are conditioned to like it or not. I want them to be moved by the music the same way I am, and when they aren’t I feel slightly bad.

Right now, the album I’m in love with is Glad’s A Cappella Gershwin, simply an incredible album that everyone needs to listen to! I hope to post a review of it soon, though I find when I make a public pronouncement like that I tend not to come through.

*Likely, you could extend this to anything one believes is remarkable or beautiful. Music is just my chosen vehicle to convey this idea.



  1. Ever since I first got this album years ago, I’ve said it’s the best GLAD has ever done. And they’ve done some great ones.

  2. “*Likely, you could extend this to anything one believes is remarkable or beautiful. Music is just my chosen vehicle to convey this idea.”

    I would imagine that would apply to Amy as well, but I doubt you’ll be willing to share! 🙂

    My fav Glad is Glad Acapella. “In the First Light”…ah! What a wonderful song!

  3. Gerswhin is a truly great American musician…oh yo daddys rich, and yo momma’s good-lookin…

    is that true By??

  4. Truly that is and will always be the greatest GLAD song of all time.

  5. You should hear Charlotte Church sing “Summertime”. She sings it on one of her albums and it’s very good, but she does a much better job on it in the movie, “I’ll Be There.” It’s about a Welsh girl who loves music and her family. The song just sizzles. You can just feel the humidity of the Mississippi Delta.

  6. Well, joshb, my mom’s good-lookin’. You’ll have to ask my dad if you ever meet him whether he’s rich. He’s not poor.

    Have you guys ever heard “In the First Light” on Glad’s Christmas album? After hearing the other version, this one comes up wanting.

  7. And isn’t there something about sharing music you love with someone that is almost like extending part of yourself? Then, when they don’t like it, doesn’t it almost taint it for you, too?

    Gershwin is a musical genius. I haven’t heard the Glad cd, but I’m sure I’d like it. My current favorite Gershwin song is “Someone to Watch Over Me.” Typical girl song to like, but I still think it’s awesome. I first heard it on Mr. Holland’s Opus. Great movie for any music buff.

    (Friend of Nic’s, by the way.)

  8. I agree with ITF’s last comment.

    The Baritone

  9. Rene Fleming does “Summertime” also, but unless you’re big into opera, you’ll probably enjoy Charlotte Church’s version more.

  10. Haha! Benji and I listened to their 30 second samples and laughed and laughed! Especially Embraceable You:

    Just one look at you,
    My heart grew tipsy,
    Tipsy, in meeee.
    You alone,
    bring out the gypsy
    in me.
    Gypsy in…

  11. The first part of I Got Rhythm sounds very “Rescue”-like. We laughed at those lyrics as well:

    I got rhythm,
    I got music,
    I got my gal,
    Who could ask for anything more?

    It took me a ridiculous amount of time to find Rescue’s website! I searched for “rescue a capella”, “rescue acapella”, “rescue jason overstreet”, “rescue two thousand years ago”, etc and I couldn’t find it! I finally found it when I searched for “rescue jason overstreet official website”

  12. I also laughed at “the radio… and the telephones… and the movies….”

    The Gershwin Medley reminded me of the Beach Boys.

  13. Yeah, Hans, the Gershwins wrote extensively about that ol’ human emotion: love. Not really from a Christian worldview either.

  14. Hans, you must be easily amused. No respect for Americana musical heritage, huh?!

    If you would have spelled it correctly, the first result of “rescue a cappella” has a link to Rescue’s site. But yes, their site is pretty lame and has been for quite some time.

  15. Oops.. better check my spelling next time.

    Sorry for those of you that think that this is fine “American musical heritage.” No meano to offendo.

    It’s just their vigorous style with all sorts of “interesting” flourishes combined with their interesting lyrics and a late night combined for some great hilarity!

  16. FWIW, Glad has just released their first a cappella album in five years on their website ( And yes, their Gershwin album is fantastic.

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