Posted by: thebylog | September 1, 2005

Culture Shock

One of the amazing things about a University Campus is the diversity of ethnicity. Moreover, graduate programs in technical disciplines are much more diverse in this way than the general student population. In our department, there are lots of Asian people.

I take my American background for granted, the fact that (most of the time) words come without a struggle, I can write, I generally know what’s going on culturally, but for some of these foreign students this is the first time living in America. So they experience culture shock. They don’t know how to tip at a restaurant or what a tailgate party is and they are very self-conscious about their lack of developed English skills.

Today we were to give a short presentation about ourselves in a class designed to teach us a bit about teaching. I gleaned much of this information from that.

I also gleaned that Asian girls think American guys are handsome.



  1. And this is the part where we say…”Oh they do need to get out more”.


  2. Uh-oh, watch out, By!

    But it does sound like a great ministry opportunity is available to you, By. In helping others confront the culture shock, you can also pave the way for sharing about Christ!

  3. I’m not sure I understand.

  4. That last comment was directed at Ag, btw.

    Good point, Paul.

  5. Amen, PY, a great opportunity. Culture shock is no fun, Byran, and if you can be there for one of these young people to be something solid to lean on, what a great vehicle for your Message.

  6. It wasn’t exactly complimentary……maybe we shouldn’t go there…..:)


  7. Oh, it was in response to your last comment.

    “I also gleaned that Asian girls think American guys are handsome.”

    Any further questions?


  8. Ag, all I can do is make a good guess. Maybe I should clarify my statement, since I made quite a generalization: two of the girls who made personal presentations mentioned this fact about American boys.

    Dorcas and Paul, I’m so glad you have mentioned this fact, as it seems like something I’m neglecting.

  9. How very kind of you, Ag! It’s not very often people have the privilege of running across someone so thoughtful as yourself. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! (Grin)

    The Baritone

  10. Ag, I am wondering what you have been enduring since the Mountain Anthems tour, because this is the second time tonight that I have read a snarky comment from you, at LITS and here! I think those boys you oversee must be on your last nerve!? {:^)

    Paul and Dorcas, bravo for seeing the possibilities By has in witnessing for Christ, good vision! By, God’s blessings on this new chapter in your life and its possibilities.

  11. Byran, bright as you are, I do believe this one flew right by your head…..

    Baritone, congrats, you got it. You must have gotten used to me by now, you’re not even offended…

    TS, is “snarky” even a word? I’m not overseeing…..just living in reality. Have you ever stood white bread beside wheat bread…….must I say more?

    Peace Boys,


  12. Snarky is indeed a word.


    I thought perhaps it was the marriage of snobby and barky or something like that.

    What makes a word a word? Who decides?


  14. Webster decides!

  15. Ag, you did not think that I would use a made up word! I see it a lot on some sites I visit on occasion so I looked it up. I was only referring to your wit and how you have been using it on this blog and over at LITS with the dutch phrase to Dorcas! {:^)

  16. Actually, I heard on NPR this morning that several different organizations have huge databases that keep track of new words, how often they’re used, and who uses them. Depending on their use in current speech, they may or may not make the dictionary.

  17. Get a new Profile picture…. Please! A concerned citizen

  18. Oh you’re kidding! Sorry anon, gotta come up with something slightly more compelling than that!

    Good grief.

    — A Citizen Concerned About Anons Commenting Nonsense

  19. Looks like the anon got back at ya, Tom, by saying the same thing to you.

  20. Yeah he sure did!

  21. You are actually scaring me with your current picture. I will send you a better one. P.S. Don’t you know who I am?

  22. No anon, I don’t know who you are.

    Ag, I have the dubious reputation among some of my friends of not being the “quickest gun on the draw” when it comes to getting jokes.

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