Posted by: thebylog | September 6, 2005

I’m Not Indulging in Self-Pity

Usually I’m on the other side of the coin, struggling to keep my pride in check. But in the last week and a half I’ve been assaulted with more pangs of self-doubt than ever before.

It really makes you dig down into what’s really important in your life, and whether that ultimately has anything to do with whether or not you succeed in any worldly endeavor.

And then there is this comforting thought about how God leads us to where He has for a reason and since I feel I’m where I’m supposed to be, there’s reassurance in that.

These kinds of posts are tricky, because it feels as if people might think I’m begging for assurances of my ability to get through, my intelligence, etc, and I’m not. Just think of this as Byran’s sounding board in which he is expressing some feelings he has … felt recently. That’s pretty good for a guy, isn’t it?



  1. I hear you, Byran. Funny how our feelings will jump from one end of the spectrum to the other – without a concrete reason, even.

    Sounds like these feelings are turning your thoughts in the right direction. Keep on focusing on the things that are really important.

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