Posted by: thebylog | September 9, 2005


I reached an important milestone just the other day with regards to this subject: I turned the stove on and “made” something. It actually wasn’t the first time I turned the stove on, but that was just to make a tortilla crispy. It worked but it got my stove dirty with pieces falling through the burner, and this concerned me enough that I stopped making tortillas crispy. But come to think about it, you can probably remove a burner to get at those charred pieces.

But I digress.

My wonderful mother (whose love language is gifts) sent me some Hamburger Helper to shove me in a roughly cooking direction, and not long after I went to the grocery store and bought meat by the pound for the first time in my life.

I put my two pounds of ground beef in the freezer until I had time to fix it up good, and on Wednesday when I got home from school early, the time was right. I tried somewhat successfully to defrost it in the microwave enough to chop it in half and attempted to follow the complex directions on the back of the box. The result was some pretty decent stroganoff, although I’m pretty sure more tender pasta has been made. But it wasn’t bad – especially to an empty stomach.

Which brings me to my next point.

Average-tasting food can be turned into pretty good-tasting food simply by waiting until you’re really hungry to eat it.



  1. hey Byron, how’s it going?? So you are learning to cook…that’s great. All guys should learn to cook… God Bless

  2. Alright, Byran! You go!:)

  3. Congratulation, In no time I’m sure you’ll be turning out meatloaf and lasanga

  4. By, good job! For the next time; split the hamburger into 1# portions and rewrap them before you freeze them, then you won’t have all that defrosting to do; just set one in the fridge the night before and it will be ready to use in the next evening.

    I remember learning to cook for myself when I went to school in Kansas City in the late ’60’s. Makes a man glad for the ladies that cook. {:^)

  5. Good for you–Waynes an awesome cook–I won’t even attempt mashed potatoes when he’s around!!:) He can also cook a “company” meal–so keep at it-I never worry about him when I’m not around to cook!!:) Also found outtoday that your “new” friend goes to church w/ Waynes cousin Joanne Peachy(married to Roger)How small this world becomes!!:)

  6. Bananas are really good too!

  7. I think this last anon is a monkey.

  8. No reflection on this anon (for it wasn’t an unintelligent comment; it only catered to the literal monkey crowd), but many anons are indeed monkeys. (On the flip side, many are not, as well.) Sort of like the classic “drunk monkeys throwing darts at the stock pages” sort of a thing.

  9. I have a cassarole receipe on my blog spot that I made not too long ago! It’s easy.It’s fast!And it’s good for later warm-ups!!
    Man that LIKE cooking are usually better then women.I have an uncle and a cuzin who are REAL CHEFS!!
    You can do it!!

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