Posted by: thebylog | September 15, 2005

Why My Musical Interests are More Diverse than my Musical Collection

Before I went to college, I had consistent summer financial gain and virtually no substantial monetary outflow. Consequently, I had a fair amount of discretionary income. Furthermore, one of areas in which I spent that discretionary income was on music.

During that time of life, my musical interests were fairly narrow: Southern Gospel and Contemporary Christian Music. That’s what I bought. Through the years I’ve become more diverse (though I still am not what I would call eclectic in my musical taste), but during those same years I have become less financially able to spend on a non-necessity like music.

So I have a musical collection representing an outdated, underdeveloped musical taste.

In fairness, I have some good SG and CCM from that era, and I have been able to continue to add to my musical collection through the years, even on my more limited budget.



  1. So basically what you’re saying is that we should all remember our buddy By in college and send him a nice new CD with a Wal*Mart smiley face on it, just for good will, right? HaHa!

    You know what’s disgusting? I ordered an album from Accapella, actually AVB, and the CD is no longer available. Now I have to find it like online or somewhere else. Pathetic.

  2. Sometime when you’re in Goodwill or Starvation Army shopping for cookware or shoes like a real college student, take a minute and browse thru the CD’s. You might have a pleasant and economical surprise.

  3. Dorcas, I did that in Virginia and came away with Glad’s Christmas CD for either a quarter or 50 cents.

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