Posted by: thebylog | September 16, 2005

Joke’s on Me

One of my professors kept making jokes about being poorly paid. He told us to go to the department head and ask for a 50% raise for him. Then later he asked if anyone had done that.

He messes with people in class more than probably anyone I’ve ever had, always making wisecracks or telling short stories that relate to something he thought about or observed. So this sort of jesting was not out of the ordinary – he’d seem to be the type that could get away with publicly “complaining” about his salary.

So Thursday when he asked us how many had taken his request to the department head, I spoke up and said “Well, first you’ll have to tell us how much you get paid now!”

This elicited a tittering among my classmates, but he sort of comes up to me and with a wry smile says, “There’s a joke here … I don’t get paid.”



  1. I don’t get it, how is that possible?

  2. Pro-bono

  3. Ya should have seen that one coming By! It is an old joke among those that give of their time to teach and earn the $ elsewhere.

    Kinda like that guy here that complains all the time that his boss is a ******* or a ******** or just plain stingy to boot. Later you find out that he is self-employed.

    If we did not have humor, it would be a dull existence. We all need to be able to laugh at ourselves; might as well, others are anyway!

  4. So either he’s a part time teacher or just independantly wealthy?

  5. LOL… That is a good joke on ya!!!

    I feel that when professor/instructors making lot of wisecracks in class is to relax the students. They do better on the exams.

    I hear enough instructors making complains in class to last a life time. Agh… Most of the time it go one ear out the other.

    I had one instructor that has a millon funny jokes or stories to tell the class and only taught real subject for 5 mins out of a hour!

  6. He’s an old guy – probably technically retired – who loves to teach.

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